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What is custom retouching service?

Asked by alvinfaddison (2points) December 23rd, 2013

I guess custom retouching is a process which offers fusion of many services specific to the client requirement but how are the results of it?

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Qualify your terms.

Retouching generally (amongst professionals) means removing blemishes from a portrait, or dust from a product shot. That’s it.

Color correction means the colors and tonalities are adjusted to satisfy the artists original vision beyond what the camera could replicate from the original scene. Most often, color correction implies setting the final image as close to the original subject as possible. Because no camera records perfect color from original.

Treatments are basically special effects, some might use predefined filters, to accommodate a final “look” that is far away from what the original camera capture provided. Some treatments are hokey, like the holga filter. Some treatments are extremely refined and artistically unique hand made creations. You get what you pay for.

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If you want to try you own hand at “custom retouching”, try Portrait Pro. Download the free trial. That’s what many novices use. It’s good if you don’t go too far. Pros just do it by hand in photoshop.

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To address the question “how are the results?” – the answer is – with good software and a good retoucher, then can be virtually perfect and completely hidden. A good retourcher will do work that will be invisible and unnoticed.

A bad retoucher – using unsophisticated software, can really screw things up. Their work actually damages the picture and it looks worse than before.

Retouching is an art – not a science.

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