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Does anyone else have Smarthome security camera buyer's remorse?

Asked by LuckyGuy (39845points) December 27th, 2013

I sure do. I ordered an Insteon Starcam Eye4 webcam and see that I must download the software from . The .so is the top level country code for Somalia – a country not exactly known for its powerful programming prowess, stability, strong legal system, or electricity.
If I download a file from there am I going to get a virus? I have AVG and Windows defender but who knows what evil lurks in the hearts and minds of pirates.

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I don’t have it, but if I have to put my money on you or the Somalians I’m going with you. Plus I’m guessing you’re the better shot.

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Wow, I feel for you, @LuckyGuy. I had a similar problem with SHS (Safe Home Security), a true scam outfit if there ever was one. If you can’t return your item and get your money back, is there any way you can at least give them negative reviews?

Edit: I just found this: Hope this helps.

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I downloaded the software for Windows and it only works if the unit is connected to my PC with Ethernet cable. If I go to WiFi and connect it will only stay connected for 3 minutes.
I will be sure to let others know.

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@LuckyGuy Don’t forget to post on too. They’re legit, and love to hear about people like this.

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