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What does it mean?

Asked by likipie (1452points) December 27th, 2013

I’ve been hooking up with a guy for a couple months now. We’ve known each other for 4 years but we just recently started “getting together”. Anyway, we’re just friends with benefits and nothing more so I assumed that a Christmas gift wouldn’t be necessary. Then he gave me a Weeping Angel (Doctor Who!!!) that his mother had crocheted for me. And I feel bad because I didn’t get him anything. I love the gift but it seems really personal. Is he trying to say something? Does he want to be something more? Help me out guys.

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With that kind of intimacy, you are bound to to stir up certain feelings, even if you say it is just for fun.

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@gailcalled No, thank goodness.
@filmfann I’m totally fine with taking things to “the next level” or what-have-you, I’m just wondering if maybe this is a sign that he wants it too? Or if it was just an innocent, he knows how much I love Doctor Who kind of thing.

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It could mean developing feelings, but maybe not. Some people gift everybody, like even the manager at the grocery store they shop most.
It wasn’t jewelry, a lacey teddy, or real estate.
I can’t blame you for feeling a bit guilty, but it is too late to change that. I’m sure some small gesture in the near future can make up for it. Don’t give him a belated present, that would be lame. Just, share a batch of warm homebaked cookies or something.

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A Weeping Angel is not quite the romantic gift to communicate heavy emotional feelings. He is recognizing you as someone in his life, not necessarily a huge commitment, but someone he feels is important in his life. And you might reciprocate with something small that he would like, you could give it to him on NYE.

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It’s a good opportunity to see how well it might work if you were to “take it to the next level.” If you can’t talk through feeling bad you didn’t get him anything, and asking him what he meant to express with the gift, then you tow probably should probably just let well enough alone.

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Wondering whose idea it was to crochet a gift for you. Him or his mom. If it’s his, that’s really really sweet. He thinks you’re special.

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@mazingerz88 It was his idea :)

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Enjoy the gift and appreciate his thoughtfulness. When a man involves his mother in his relationship with a woman, it’s a good sign that things have evolved beyond “casual”.

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I checked the crochet pattern.The angel is small and the pattern calls for a #3 hook and thickish yarn; but it does require paying attention and far more effort than buying a gift card. It took more time than crocheting you a pot holder would have.

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Here are instructions. Easy and quick for a pro but does require paying attention.

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Are these weeping angels (^^) from Doctor Who? LOL!

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You’ve known him for 4 years. It’s personal. It doesn’t have to mean anything more.

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@yankeetooter; OP wrote; Then he gave me a Weeping Angel (Doctor Who!!!) that his mother had crocheted for me.

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I agree with @jonsblond, you’ve known him for 4 years, don’t you ever give gifts to your friends? When I do that it simply means I value their friendship. Christmas gifts aren’t “necessary”, not for me, I do it because I want to not because I feel I should, some years I give someone a gift and another year I do not, it doesn’t mean anything, it just is.

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It means that he cares enough about you to give you a gift.
Which is nice that he considers you other than just“getting together”.
Son men do not want to admit that they have feelings for you, yet.
For some reason once ‘I love You” is said…they disappear?
Committtment phobia?

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He probably has feelings for you. Get him a little present and give it to him on New Years Eve along with a kiss.

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