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How much do you sit on an average day?

Asked by anniereborn (10806points) December 28th, 2013

I sit….a LOT. I am unable to work. I have a Depressive disorder and PTSD. Those are not excuses, but they are reasons. And they are major challenges.

90 percent of my days are spent at home, in front of the computer.
I’d have to say that I sit probably a good 10–14 hours on an average day.

Yes, I know how unhealthy it is. I’m not asking about that. I just wondered how much my other Jellies are sedentary.

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Same, YouTube, Answerbag, Fluther, e-mail , Facebook and porn from YouJizz… Is most of my day. I do take 3 showers a day and one bath. I wait for my food to be delivered about 30 min a day where I just have anxiety over when my food will arrive. I don’t have a TV but I have radio and internet and a old Nokia cell phone.

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I spend about 4–6 hours per day sitting. About 2 hours of it is meal time. 2 hours on the computer and 1 for entertainment. That number can go down to almost nothing if I am doing a lot of physical work outside or working in the lab.
This Q has made me realize how much I do sit. I will try to keep track now.

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During my work week, maybe 3 hours a day, and 2 of them are in the driver’s seat commuting.

During my weekends, probably about 12–14 hours since I’m not as young as I used to be, and the rigors of all the lifting and hammering I do catch up with me on the weekends, making me barely want to move.

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I am sedentary 90% of the time, especially in winter when it is too slippery and cold to dare try to walk outside.

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I try to get up and move around, but I often can’t find anything to do that requires standing, unless I want to go outside. And it’s cold.

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About 3-hours commuting time plus about 5-hours at my desk equals 8-hours per day.

Ugh. I should look into a standing desk.

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According to my new fitbit activity tracker, I am very active for about 60 minutes a day (track walking at the the gym), moderately active for about 240–300 minutes (normal walking, climbing stairs, etc.), and inactive (sitting) for more-or-less the remainder of my waking hours.

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My job requires me to be on my feet for the majority of the time. I sit down for 5 minutes every so often but I don’t get the opportunity to have a proper sit down until I get home from work around 8.30pm.

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Lately, a lot. I just finished college and had nearly three weeks off before starting my new job. With no more school work or job hunting to do, I’ve just been sitting on the couch all day. It’s making me lazy and I’ve also been eating horribly unhealthy amounts of food over the holidays. It sucks – I’m ready to start my job and go back to eating right and exercising. I’m not sure how much time I’ll spend sitting at my new job yet.

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Probably too much lately. I sit a lot at my job, I sit a lot at home, it’s been cold so I haven’t felt like biking, etc.

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A lot. I work 12 hours shifts in front of a computer.

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Depends greatly on where I am; at school I do a lot of walking from place to place but at home I, like @AshLeigh, don’t have many sources of entertainment that would involve being up and and about. Most of my hobbies are artistic or occur in front of a computer. Also depends on the season.

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How much do I sit on? I would say about sixty five or seventy pounds of prime ass.
How much time do I spend on it? Lots. I can’t stay standing more than ten minutes at a time. After totalling an hour of standing, I usually need a nap. If I don’t lie down at that point, I fall asleep like it or not. Usually fifteen or twenty minutes does me. I can extend my hours of usefullness if I do more sitting, less standing. I miss the days when I was nonstop and invincable. I wish I could find the doctor who can help me.

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Actually I lie prone most of the day, and I sit up to use the computer to type, when I watch YouTube I lie flat and put in ear buds.

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I’ve been thinking about this question a lot. I sit more than I realized. I get up and move quite often but sit down for 30 minutes doing something on the pc many times during the day. I figure it can be as much as 8 hours per day. Wow!

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Despite my earlier answer, I have been increasing my activity level both mentally and physically.

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I spend a couple of hours before going to sleep on BuzzFeed, 9Gag, FailBlog and so on. And about 20 minutes in the morning when I start the day with reading the news, I guess that is pretty much it. I mean, sometimes I can spend breaks at work online but like less than an hour for sure.

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