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Very curious as why this guy is so mean to me for no reason..?

Asked by flyravens82 (19points) January 2nd, 2014 from iPhone

He is an athlete in school who is popular and he’s not very stuck up either. One day in gym he started yelling at me because we are both competitive. Then everyday from then on was something different, but something jerkish and mean. We were fine to sit with eachother earlier in the year but now he doesn’t look at me or talk to me without criticizing me. Everyone in the school knows he hates me and he tells all his friends that. At football he throw a his dirty uniforms on me and he will lock my things in random lockers. It happened for no reason and I DONT mind it I just wonder why he does it. He gives me weird looks and swears at me and will tell me I suck at all he sports I play also he says that he tries to be nice to me

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He seems to be jealous. :) Just ignore him. He will get over it sooner or later. Don’t show that he upsets you, then he gets what he wants. Good luck.

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Sounds awful close to bullying.

Rather than stamping out bullying, I think they’re allowing behavior like this- and much worse- to increase.

My friend’s granddaughter gets bullied. They never talk to the bullies, just “counsel” the bullied kid instead. How stupid.

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He has a stiffy for you. He can’t have physical contact with you, so he makes do with throwing his body fluid-encrusted gym clothes at you.

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He’s clearly sexually attracted to you. The jerk behaviour is a manifestation of his repressed sexuality.

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It bothers me that you say “I don’t mind I just wonder why he does it.”
Are you male or female?

@bolwerk wth?

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Yuck! Even if it was because he liked you, who would want him acting like that? Ignore, ignore, ignore. If it gets bad enough, report him to school authorities.

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It sounds like he may have found out something about you that was real, or false. At this moment, you don’t know what he “heard about you” but he obviously heard or saw something.

Is it possible for you to ask some of the other students why they think he is such a jerk to you. Be specific when you ask them. Say something like, “Hey Randy, you know that Don has been a real jerk to me since July and I have no idea why. Did he hear something about me or did I do something to upset him that I am unaware of?” Ask people that have witnessed Don being a jerk toward you. It’s likely that Don has spouted off to someone about you, and hopefully some of these people will be willing to tell you what the guy said.

Are you possibly gay? Some people are still extremely homophobic and that may be what set him off if he found out you were gay, or he he simply thinks you are gay.

Could you have inadvertently done something to embarrass him, take something (like a potential girlfriend away from him) or say something about him to someone else that could have caused him to get in trouble (whether he deserved it or not) or received a place on a team or won a contest in which he thought he deserved it and you didn’t?

Think hard, you probably have some idea of why he treats you so poorly. He probably calls you names, right?

Either way, keep a documented record of the things he does and says to you (with dates and times and exact words and deeds). Tell you parents, talk to your school counselor. And get legal assistance if you need to. Don’t put up with this kind of treatment.

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I suppose you could ask.

No wait… that would require self confidence, self interest, independence and a tiny bit of courage.
Uncommon values these days.
Better to let other people guess on your behalf.

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Time to speak with your counselor.

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I think he has a crush on you but he feels like you’re unattainable for some reason.

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I am getting the impression that you are male (from the references about locker rooms etc) so I am wondering if someone has suggested that he’s gay and he likes you, and he’s doing his absolute best to prove them wrong.

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Sounds like you beat him at a game he is suppose to be good at?

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He might just have the hot’s for you. BTW welcome to fluther.

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Ok so people thought I’m a guy but I’m not. the reason I threw the football thing in there was because I was a manager for the team and am in the athletic training program. It’s not like he is being a bully in that way. he is more being sarcastic around me and joking, but he doesn’t tell me he is. He doesn’t hurt me Either

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Say to him, “your constant attention leads me to believe that you may like me.” See what he says.

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I love @jca‘s advice. Run with that one. Let us know the outcome!

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