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If you were to be personified as a hand tool, I.E. combination wrench, screwdriver, etc. what tool would you be?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) January 4th, 2014

What tool would people personify you as if they were asked? For simplicity sake, so that all can understand it, limit it to hand tools:
• Combinations wrenches
• Hammers
• Saws (power and electric saws permitted)
• Drills (and/or drill presses)
• Levels,
• Vices.
So, avoid highly technical or uncommon tools/equipment like pallet jack, or TBLs etc.

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<<< Hand finished polishing.

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Sandpaper. I am abrasive, but there is usually a beatiful result from it. Oh, and I can be gritty too.

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Starfleet Deflector Dish. Can be used for absolutely anything.

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A Leather man multi tool.

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In a world where no one seems to use slotted screws any more, I would probably be an old, worn out, rounded-corner flat-bladed screwdriver. I’ve been shiny, bright and highly useful in my day (and I’m not now useless, but just not so shiny – some would say “not so bright” – screw them). I may not be screwing so much any more, but I’m still useful in opening (and closing) paint cans, or as an ad hoc chisel or scraper. It’s a misuse, but I can be turned around and used as an impromptu hammer as well. I do a lot of work in the garden these days.

In a pinch, I can commit murder.

Yeah, better wear your eye protection.

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A chainsaw. I’m crude, I have no class, I smell funny plus I can yell really loud. But I get to the point, and I get shit done.

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Probably a jackknife. I’m a jack of all trades and a mater of none.

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I’d rather be a hammer than. a nail…... but come to think of it I’d make a darn good clamp!

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My first thought was a corkscrew, but really, probably a chamois cloth.

I know neither of those count.

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@ZEPHYRA I like the musical tie in. :)

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A paintbrush. Not much use for the heavy tasks but I can make things look pretty.

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^^ I say it is close enough to me.

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