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Has anyone else noticed that their dreams are accompanied by music?

Asked by stanleybmanly (23824points) January 6th, 2014

I would like to claim that my dreams play to “Sympathy for the Devil” or “Fortunate Son”, but the sad truth is that more often than not , it’s some syrupy Perry Como or Percy faith hit from the saccharine 50’s.

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Probably at least one third of the songs I write are from dream tunes. They awaken me from dead sleep in the middle of night. I must record them immediately or they fade away forever, very quickly. I kick myself for the lost ones never recorded.

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My nightmares almost always play “You’re Not Alone” by Saosin.

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Yes… But why does it have to be THIS one? I mean, I’m not old… sigh

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That’s what I mean. There should be some way of controlling what’s played.

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My dreams rarely ever play music, although that’s not to say I’ve never had dreams where someone was singing, or where a song was playing on the radio and whatnot.

But once I had this dream that I was in the basement of a church, it was all dark and made of stone, then some huge spider came after me. I had a can of bug killer, and I started spraying it at the spider, and jumping up and down on it. But while this was happening, ACDC music started playing. thing it’s not a song that actually exists, but it was ACDC like music with the singer singing ’‘Insecticide!’’ over and over again. Seems that, in the dream, it was coming from the walls, ceiling and roof.

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I heard the best guitar music I had ever heard in a dream. When I woke it was raining and the music became lost in the sounds of dripping rain.

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One of my favorite recurring dreams is that I’m sitting at a piano playing an elaborate and lovely, albeit unfamiliar, piece of music.

P.S. I don’t play the piano or any other musical instrument.

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My dreams never have music. Occasionally, I’ll have very vivid dreams that I swear are real life, and then I wake up, I hate those dreams because, more often than not, they have negative outcomes.

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I have no idea… I generally have music in my head all the time anyway, so it would seem unremarkable to me to have it in my dreams as well.

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I rarely remember my dreams, but I don’t think they have any music in it. Last night I remembered on of my dreams and it was of me walking through my old high school. A lot had changed, of course, and I’m pretty impressed how much of it I remember! I’ll start forgetting it in a few minutes.

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I’m with @ccrow. I hear music 100% of my waking hours, it would probably shock me if my dreams were unaccompanied. I know there’s a tune playing as I fall asleep and that’s my first conscious waking moment every morning.

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It happened to me only once. Then I woke up to find the alarm radio had come on.

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I have never noticed sound at all in my dreams, let alone music. The only times it’s happened is like @kritiper says – when the radio has come on.

However I can say for sure that I do dream in colour.

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Amazing dream last night! I had been invited to a meeting for some kind of organization. Several members – guys with familiar faces but whose names I couldn’t place – gave me a membership card and told me always to carry it. They told me a show was about to begin during which I would have to make a speech, and I replied that I liked talking in front of groups. Everyone sat down and we started watching an amateur talent show put on by the members.

The first two performers, men, came out on the stage and began singing an aria duet from an opera. The music was familiar (I thought perhaps “La Traviata”) but I hadn’t heard the words sung – and here’s the amazing part. The two men sang in pretty good Italian! It was a long, complicated aria which overwhelmed me with the beauty of the music and the singing.


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