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Is our Doctor Jelly jealous of the new jelly on the block. at, which has just been launched?

Asked by gailcalled (54443points) January 7th, 2014

What has Ben Finkel been up to recently? He and Biz Stone just unveiled their jelly. See first answer below.

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That’s so clever! I wish I had a smartphone to use it.
Information is becoming more and more accessible.

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Haha that jelly looks like an umbrella with four handles.

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Alas, poor Fluther, I knew him well…....

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Hmm so I may be reading into it wrong(not that it matters as I don’t have a smart phone), but it seems like this is going to be just like twitter. Yea some answers can be concise but limiting an answer to 160 characters sounds rough.

Heh someone on the extended team has the last name of ” Mahboob”

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Couldn’t they at least have called it “jam,” “preserves,” or “marmelade”? With all the choices of sea creatures and their collectives, why so close to home?

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My take? Fluther didn’t end up the way Andrew and Ben were hoping. Successful? Yes, to a point. However, it became more social that they expected.
They seem to have created this to try and get the question/answer thing done.
Of course, I don’t really know. It looks cool.

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“more social that they expected.”
And this is bad? Was it like, “Oh no, people are not only answering questions, but socializing?! Must. Stop. Now.”:-D

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@filmfann I don’t know, just the way they’re marketing this they seem like they want it to be more social than fluther currently is.

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Maybe with the Titter founder cache and money behind it they hope to get more press. It does sound like it is meant to be more social in concept than Fluther was and also more adapted to mobile which is where all the current development is but I do feel a little ripped-off. (Even though it is really Ben and Andrew’s site – not mine.)

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As a long time user of a website that was developed and supported by at least one of the principal involved in, I value that Fluther is not automatically linked to Facebook although doing so is an option.
Fluther offers more privacy and intimacy because it is more self-contained.

I’m sure this App will catch on, especially with those who never discovered Of course it runs only on android devices and not on computers!

Fluther has been operating for years and there are long-term members who contribute to its operation and growth and who foster a mature and supportive environment for members new and more experienced.

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Edit: “Twitter” but it is an interesting Freudian slip.

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An invested party just sent me a question via my email and I answered in kind. “What’s a book I have read recently that I would recommend?”. It didn’t feel all that innovative. My college classmates ask each other similar questions on a 125-woman list-serv, and we certainly revisit this at I don’t own a smart phone and don’t plan to get one in the near future.

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@Dr_Lawrence :: I was just at my sisters and was a bit shocked at what I saw. She was ordering a bus ticket for me to get home. Her laptop was two feet away and on with a browser open. But she still navigated the Amtrak site and filled in all the info for the ticket on her iPhone. I was baffled.

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@johnpowell I would imagine someone like you would have used a remote vnc type program many times before.

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Titter lol

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@uberbatman :: She paid.. I didn’t even know she was getting the ticket. I normally do everything through a SSH tunnel from a server that isn’t based in the United States. Fuck the Police, NSA too.

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@filmfann That’s my feeling, too.

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I thought this was going to be more location based rather than social network based. Not disappointed, just thought that’s what they were teasing.

Like you have a question about that tower (is it a tower?) they show and the app sends it to people in the physical area. Would work great for recommendations, finding things when you travel, getting together activities, etc… from people within x miles.

Either way, get some @ben, hope it becomes everything you’ve dreamed.

please pass along the good tidings @gailcalled

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If you are standing near a mysterious tower, what about the old-fashioned way of asking other people in the vicinity, “What’s that mysterious tower?”

How does this app. (which does sound like fun) replace the many other ways of IDing that tower? Is this not yet another way of engaging with your gadget and not with the people you’re with? It would be slighly faster to ID the tower on rather than, say, on fluther, but does the speed matter?

I don’t have any experience with smart phones, not owning one, so I am simply curious.

I have sat next to people in restaurants who are texting each other on their phones rather than chatting. They are teens or pre-teens usually, but still…

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For the tower, if there’s someone nearby who may know, that’s great, ask them. If you’re hiking and just want to know, you can take a picture and ask people nearby.

Or if @andrew is in NYC and needs a same day cleaner in midtown, this would be perfect.

Or if I’m at some random client’s office and want to know if there’s a good lunch spot nearby (quick, or good for meeting people, or Greek food, whatever you need)

Or if I need to hire a full double french horn in the vicinity of Cobham Surrey, UK?

Or I want to play basketball at the corner park at 5 tonight, but only have 3 people.

Or I need tickets for the sold out concert in 3 hours.

The proximity can matter as much as the speed. People closer to you are more likely to have knowledge of the area. Businesses near you are more likely to be accessible and that’s probably where the business plan would come in, and why it made sense to me.

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I tried it briefly on my tablet and did not like it. I don’t like linking to my social networks or sharing my contacts with another social app – it’s just spammy. I didn’t like that you could only see one question or answer at a time—you couldn’t skim or browse, and that if you move past a question, it says you won’t see it again—just because I don’t have an answer doesn’t mean I’m not interested in the discussion. Oh! Discussion just does not seem like an option, either. I can see that it might work with the 140-character short attention span of the Twitter crowd (which is why I am not a Twit), but it doesn’t seem like it will work for me. I was unable to find out how to delete my account from within the app, so I’ll have to look further into it.

Well, this is NOT cool. I can “deactivate” my account, but not delete it. Opting-out is a MUST. I detest sites that don’t allow the user to fine-tune the settings for privacy of themselves and others in their social networks.

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@hearkat Thanks for that cogent review. All great points. Feel like I won’t try it now.

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I am all alone on Jelly :(
And there’s no Fluther support for adding friends.

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I went back to see the response to the question I had been asked to answer (“what’s a wonderful book you have read recently?”). Someone had allowed me to use an email platform since I don’t own a smart phone and am not planning to buy one.

When I did, I was told that my answer had been deleted since there were other (perhaps better) answers in the pipeline. Poof. Lost in the ether. Perhaps using the smartphone app. is more user-friendly and more beguiling.

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If we are using an “App store” to get it does that mean our questions and answers are no longer anonymous?

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@hearkat It sounds like they are, indeed, trying to make it less of a place to hang out, which is what Fluther has become. I can understand that – if the site is meant to be about rapid information exchange among a broad base of users, the last thing they’d want is to have a dozen or so hardcore members who try to answer every question despite lack of experience with that specific topic. That’s where Fluther feels a bit stagnant to me – we are too territorial, and although new jellies will enter to ask a question, a lot of them get chased off, and there’s not an effective way to send questions out into the world for answers.

From what little I’ve seen, Jelly seems to be about making contact – so, a more shallow experience, but on a strict Q&A basis, probably more satisfying. Its success will depend on how quickly and how broadly it can create a following, which is why the interconnection between social networks is critical. Great for Jelly, not so great for users who are privacy-conscious. I wouldn’t join Jelly for that reason alone. But also… our attitude towards privacy is becoming outmoded. Younger users won’t have that concern at all.

Regarding the inability to truly close the account – anyone who uses Facebook and/or Twitter has already accepted this.

@LuckyGuy Good question. I wonder how much personal information is shared with other Jelly users, and how hackable it is.

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Unless this new thing proves to be absolutely necessary and with a guarantee of privacy, I need another social networking site (i.e. Facebook, Fluther) like a hole in the head, especially if there’s a chance my Fluther identity will somehow get out to my friends in “the real world.”

I have been considering joining Twitter, just to follow people, but have been hesitant to do that. I barely have time to check email, FB and Fluther.

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Tried to download it. The app store said my device was not compatible with this version. I sent an email through the app store, reminding Ben that he promised me an aristocratic title.

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Is this supposed to be a money-making proposition? If so, how?

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@glacial – I don’t disagree, and have voiced my preference that Fluther NOT be treated like a social site for years. I am very fond of many other jellies, and glad that we can connect on separate Social Network sites. But I do enjoy the opportunity to engage in back-and-forth, and to be able to provide in-depth input when appropriate.

The interface at Jelly is too superficial. I don’t see what these ‘sound-bite’ Qs and As can really accomplish that one could not find on their own through web searches. I prefer the voices of different experiences and perspectives on an issue. I like that we can go back several years and see what the collective had to say on a subject then and what we’re saying now.

I didn’t like that I couldn’t create an account or choose a user name, it just tapped into my FB from the smartphone. I didn’t like that suddenly, my fiancĂ© was there, and people that he has in his networks, but I do not have in mine, we’re listed. I have friends who have people blocked, but other friends are still friends with the blocked party… This network-driven matching could cause problems for some of those people.

@LuckyGuy: When someone purchases an app, I don’t think the app owner is given your App/Play Store account info, I believe it is all tied to the device’s UDID. The various apps will then ask permission to access your Facebook or Twitter, your camera, your photo album, your location info, your Contacts list, etc. On the iOS, these settings can be toggled on/off by individual app at the user’ discretion… I love that. I keep them Off, and only toggle them On when I want that function.

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I have been using Jelly and really love it! It’s a feeling of giving people answers directly and then helping them in a way. And asking questions. Getting answers fast on the phone. Fun. Not in conflict with Fluther, and I think Ben understands how special this site is to so many people.

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Yes Mom.

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Tell Ben to figure out why I can’t use it!

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Thanks, everyone. Jelly is very different and not in competition with Fluther. Of course, it is Jellyfish themed and based on helping people and answering questions, but almost everything else is totally different.

@Seek_Kolinahr I assume you have an Android device? We’re adding support for more soon, but you can join the beta now and see if it works for you. Here’s a link to the Play store beta

Fluther will always be my first child, and I love all my children equally.

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Yay for Ben!!!

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I haven’t tried it yet but I just opened the app store on my iPhone and it’s second in the “Best New Apps” list so congratulations :)

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I still have no friends :(

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Beta also does not work on my device. Alas.

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