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What is the movie "Cloverfield" about?

Asked by writerini (151points) June 28th, 2008
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A shaky camera, lots of destruction, and a monster that you hardly even get to see.

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Yeah, elchoopanebre pretty much sums it up! They purposefully don’t say much about it on the cover to make it more intriguing.

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It was about 80 minutes.

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Here’s a full synopsis.

I Liked it…

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It’s a “Monster Attacks Manhattan” meets “Blair Witch.” It’s very well done and great fun to watch, especially if you’ve ever been to NYC.

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The above pretty much summed it up.

I had a bad experience with it! My friends and I arrived late, every seat was taken except the dreaded front seats. I nearly puked from how close we were sitting and how shaky the way it was filmed!! Other then that I enjoyed it.

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That is the first and only movie I have ever gotten violently sick from and had to leave the theater. Too much flashy lights and wiggly camera. I bought it and watched it at home though. It is a fun monster flick with suprisingly good effects.

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