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How much do you spend a week on groceries?

Asked by katie129 (77points) January 9th, 2014

How much money do you usually spend per week on groceries? For how many people? Do you include things like pet food, vitamins and toiletries in this budget?

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Ya, wow… Recently I retired, and I had to budget out all the money for a year, which was easy to do for things like gas and power, telephone, satellite, and such, but when it came to food I was baffled. I finally settled on $250 a week, counting restaurants. I still have no idea if I budgeted high or low, though with my wife’s love of eating out, I suspect it is very low.

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$100–150 for two people and yes, I include things like toiletries, kitty litter, etc.

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Do you consider fast food drive up window brown bags as “groceries”?

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I try to stick to $100 for two people. but usually end up at $125–150.

No, I do not include pet food, which is raw food for our dogs and costs almost as much as our does.

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About $150 to $175 a week, which includes food, toiletries, OTC medicines, cleaning stuff, wine, beer and cat food. There are two of us.

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I spend on average $200 every other week for a family of 5. We don’t include alcohol but we do include pet foods and many regular items and toiletries (such as kitchen baggies laundry soaps etc). We don’t eat out much, hardly ever. I make many things from scratch, including cleaners and herbal medicines.

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@katie129 Do you coupon? If not, how do you manage to feed 5 people at $100/week? Lots of Ramen?

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$60–100 with everything added
Edit: for two people.

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$100 or less for two. Not including pet food & misc (dollar store & pet warehouse.

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I hate coupons. I buy what’s on sale. Buy in bulk. We dont eat much anything from a box. My kids feel like ramens are a treat because we don’t eat them much. I have like four stores I do my shopping to every other week. I buy dry beans to bake and freeze. We have left overs for lunches. I make laundry soap and hand soaps. Homemade breads, home mixed seasonings instead of packaged. Saved home grown tomatoes for sauces and soups. Twelve years of working on cutting our grocery budget has been a lot of work but worth it. We eat prettyhealthy and don’t starve!

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$75 to $100 per week for groceries. I can really stretch food dollars if I want. I’ve also spent $100 on one really good meal for two. It’s what I want to do, economize or indulge.

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Waaaay too much because I tend to buy my meals daily. I’m guessing around $125 a week—and that just for me.

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For a while, it s $90 a month. We lived on mostly potatoes, onions, rice, beans, dry milk, and flash-frozen chicken, with some contributions from my tinned vegetable hurricane stash, and peanut butter sandwiches. I have this magical ability to whip up a casserole out of nothing.

Hubs is working again, and somehow our EBT was raised to $300 a month, so even though my unemployment is over, we can actually eat true luxuries like eggs and milk and frozen vegetables again.

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$75 to $90 a week for 3. It might not sound like much, but I know how to get as much as I can for my money.

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I spent about £100 a month for a big shop, then a top up daily, which I have no idea how much I spend. This is an interesting question. Probably another £100 a month. Which is around $325.00. I cook one main meal a day for two and eat very little during the day. I have always got good tea and coffee which is pricey, and a protein everyday. (I find food here expensive and eating out very expensive).

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I feed a family of four at a cost of about $100 per week .I make homemade soups and stews at least twice a week .i always shop specials if possible. i buy canned vegetables by the case if i see them on sale.i can get quality Venezuelan back fin crabmeat on sale for around ten dollars a pound just add a egg some dry mustard, mayonnaise and some breadcrumbs. chill it for one hour before you saute them and you have four nice sized crab cakes for less than the cost of a fast food meal for two

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We spend roughly $180 a week on all groceries, for a household of 5 people, two dogs and a cat.

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Around $100.00 a week – and that’s just me living alone. However, it includes (like many of you) cat food, cat treats, cat litter, new toys, etc. I think I spend more on them than on me!

Add to that paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc…...........yep.

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$125 a week…. higher because of Christmas binging.

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We manage $120 a week for my wife and I, and that covers food, prescriptions, dry goods, toiletries, clothing, cooking and kitchen goods, and miscellaneous purchases. The only things outside that rather spartan budget (and it is tight, considering we eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables) are large purchases and presents for Christmas, birthdays and such.

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I budget about $400/month for food, pet food and litter, paper and laundry products, hygiene, toiletries, AA batteries, and what used to be called sundries. I come in a little under, a little over but $4800 – $5000 covers it. I buy a lot of gallon containers of white vinegar, for example, but no other cleaning products.

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@1tubeguru great job!

We do eat potatoes and breads and such, but we eat mostly meat and fresh fruits and veggies too. Nuts and dried fruits are like candy for the kids! And things that most people use disposable versions of, we do reusable versions. Except toilet paper, lol. We do buy Kirkland toilet paper!!

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@katie129 Welcome to Fluther, and thanks for reminding me. Add to my list dried fruits and nuts covered under the $120 per week budget. By careful shopping, my wife actually manages to save a bit for extraordinary purchases of day trips to visit nearby tourist traps.

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averages about $50.00 a week for two adults. BUT we probably spend another $30.00 to $40.00 per week on takeout or eating out. This would just be food, drink, paper towels, cleaning supplies, the kind of things you can buy in a grocery store.

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I am about with @katie129 , $200 every two weeks. My kids are grown, husband deceased. I have one grown son that lives with me, but he only comes home for dinner about half the time. I do a Sunday dinner for him, and for my other son and wife, who come over to do their laundry. I have two cats that I buy food and litter for. I don’t count the occasional meal out – that would be separate.

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