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How much approximately will this quote tattoo cost?

Asked by Rooroo2296 (11points) January 9th, 2014

I was wondering how much this quote tattoo in this font would cost? It is long that’s why I was a little unsure about the expense. I want to have this done on the back of my upper left shoulder. Will this tattoo hurt more compared to a small foot tattoo.
Shoulder idea (12pt font in Zapfino on pages app on iTunes):
And my friends as we sit in our wicker arm chairs
We talk back and laugh at the times that we’ve shared
We’ve swung through the trees and shot through the air
Our candles so brightly burn

Or if this was to hurt less because it is smaller, I would want a medium triangle with the initials T and C overlapping each other. If you are unsure what I mean, search camptakodah logo and it should show up in google. I would want that smallish on my foot with out the circle or the campfires around it.

I do kind of have a low pain tolerance and have heard that shoulders are less painful than top of feet, but if you are an expert…please let me know the price and which one would be better for me. I am turning 18 soon.

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Here that would cost you about $200 probably.

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I’m sure @Jerv will chime in with that wonderful quote of his wife’s that I love so so much, but I’ll answer anyway.

If you’re worried about how much it’s going to hurt, don’t get a tattoo. Get a canvas, paint the quote, and hang it on your bedroom wall.

The pain is the price of the tattoo. It’s half the point of getting one.

Also, I would seriously suggest you wait some time before you decide to make any permanent changes to your body. I have a strong feeling that in five or ten years, the YMCA summer camp isn’t going to seem quite so important that you’ll relish seeing it every time you put on your shoes. I may be wrong, but I doubt it.

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Any time the needle goes over bone it’s going to hurt. In all honesty, it’s more of a discomfort than a pain. I have a smallish tattoo on my inner wrist. I also have a low pain tolerance. It wasn’t bad at all.

That being said, I’m inclined to agree with @Seek_Kolinahr here. I’d wait a bit and really think it through. Like herpes, a tattoo is going to be your friend for life.

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Yes, I agree with both of you that I should really think it through….but this camp is also more than just a summer camp. It’s basically my second family. If I had to leave my friends at school to continue to see this place, I probably would. That’s how much of a relationship everyone has when they send their entire summer there. It might be hard to understand that from any of your points of views, but it is different than anyone could possibly imagine. I probably shouldn’t get the logo even though I’ve had it temporary tattooed on my foot several times…..even for a New Year’s Eve but so many people at my camp get that tattooed on their shoulder, foot, etc…. I think if I do do it, i will go with song lyrics….maybe not all of them, but probably one or two lines (it is a song we sing at the closing of camp during a special candlelight evening program). I should do something unique and set apart from everyone else. I’m not necessarily worried about the pain, I just don’t want it pass out (because I have read that the foot is a very sensitive area online). Thanks for all of your input.

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I think it will cost you permanent regret in the future.

I agree with the user who said to express yourself through art on a canvas instead. To me, it makes much more sense than using your body as a canvas. For instance.. I have a sketchbook where I have drawn quotes that inspire me. Its a good and sensible alternative, and quite fulfilling.

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Yes, foot tattoos are painful because the skin is thinner on your foot and the vibrations of the tattoo machine will resonate though those parts making it more painful. Your foot will be swollen for about a week and you will have to wear very thin flip flops or go barefoot for at least 2 weeks, or until healed. You can check the Tattoo Pain Scale. @Seek_Kolinahr has a good suggestion. What I would like to add is that you can get a tattoo whenever you wish but just write down what you want somewhere and wait 1–2 years. If you still want it then get it.

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