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What is your favourite DIY project or site?

Asked by dina_didi (1276points) August 11th, 2014

I want to start making my own jewels and clothes and I am excited with some DIY ideas I found on the internet like this one. I like the idea of creating my own things and not throwing away my old clothes but turn them into something new. Do you want to share your favourite sites or ideas?

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Etsy would probably suit you best. (I think they have diy sections not just selling things)

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Pinterest is a good site for inspiration. You can search topics (any topic, i.e. color, type of craft, holiday, place, vendor like a magazine) and blogs will often link to Pinterest so you can follow. You can follow people or boards. You can link your own crafts or things you want to purchase.

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Instructables is a great site for a wide variety of things. I love the site so much. I’m not crafty at all but I love to browse it for creative ideas.

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Homebrewing is my current favorite DIY project. It’s not just about making the beer, but also building pieces of the equipment to brew with.

Next on my list is to learn welding which will open up a whole new world of DIY projects.

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I looked at @keobooks’ site and saw a reference to building a radio. I searched for other sites that give instructions in building a radio and found this I have not had a chance to check out any of the projects, but the kid in me is eager to try some of them out. I don’t know if these fit your idea of a crafts project, but some of them might be used as toys that can be given as gifts.

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I really want to do a mosaic. I haven’t started researching it yet, because I am waiting until I move into my new house. My fantasy is to do one on the garage wall, a huge one, but the practical part of me is preventing it, because I think I would hate to leave it behind if we left. I am not sure what I will wind up doing.

As far as DIY’s I actually have done, I do little things like sew pillow cases for my husband (I flannel, some are from the children’s patterns). He likes the warmth and softness of the flannel I guess, it’s a leftover habit from childhood, like kids with their blankets.

I want to to make one of the DIY air conditioners out of a styrofoam container and small fan for my husband’s garage. I just saw a more serious looking igloo type “air conditioner” on a TV show that sells for over $300!

I also am thinking about doing a DIY solar heater for my pool before actually spending the money for one to be done professionally. See how mine might work first and if it will suffice.

Sounds like mostly there are a lot of things that I want to do, who knows if I will actually do any of it.

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Pinterest and Etsy are both cool.

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I really want to tile my back patio slab with cool tiles in different colors. Pinterest rocks.

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I love Pinterest. I love that I can pin everything that I like so I have it all for later. I am addicted to that website! I have used so many ideas that I found on there for my place and for my wardrobe, hairstyle, meals, everything!

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Here is something really cool that I think you might like. Dresses Made from Vintage Bedsheets

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