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Jar Jar Abrams and his entire team of hack writers have been killed by terrorists freedom fighters. You are put in charge of producing the next Star Trek movie. Who will you hire to direct, and who will you hire to write the script?

Asked by ragingloli (41622points) January 15th, 2014

Depending on your answer, you might become the next victim. Choose carefully.

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Warner Herzog. Vince Gilligan

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Me, I’ll be a director!
My brother, he’ll write the script! (he’s really into Star Trek and has some crazy ideas of a Star Trek parody)
I’m not scared of being the next victim because I’m a super-talented director!

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^ I knew that. heh

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I would resurrect JJ Abrams and have him write and direct it — as an undead zombie.

I like his Star Trek movies.

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An elite Spetsnaz Hit Squad is en route to your location as we speak.

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@ragingloli: Excellent. I’ll make coffee. Have them bring cookies.

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Writing team – Peter David, David Mack, Greg Cox, J.M. Dillard, and Michael Jan Friedman.

These are the best novelists in the Star Trek universe.

Director: Harder to say. Jonathan Frakes did a great job on Insurrection. And I like the episodes that LeVar Burton directed, but he’s mostly got TV experience.

It might be cool to have John Carpenter do one. Or David Cronenberg. Hell, let’s get Dario Argento in there. I wouldn’t mind some scary Trek.

It’s a shame Paul Anderson has done so many awful movies. Event Horizon is one of my all time favourites, but it almost seems a fluke in his career.

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Ridley Scott to direct. I’d like to resurrect William Tenn for a shot at the screenplay.

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Firstly, let me say how unfair it is to J. J. Abrams to get hung with a nickname like Jar Jar. He had no influence on that characters appearance in the prequel trilogy.
Secondly, they have Lawrence Kasdan writing the script. He wrote “The Empire Strikes Back”, which is considered to be the best of the Star Wars films, and he also wrote “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, “The Big Chill”, and “Grand Canyon”. All terrific, well written movies.

In the event of the demise of all currently connected to the films, I would have the new film written and directed by Alex Proyas, who did “Dark City”. I am hesitant, though, because he was responsible for the death of Brandon Lee on the set of “The Crow”.

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^ None of those qualify him to write for Star Trek, which is not a cheesy western with laser swords.

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Oh, pardon me. I misread the question as referring to the upcoming “Star Wars” film, not the next “Star Trek” molestation.
@Seek_Kolinahr Keep in mind Star Trek is a western, while Star Wars is an opera.

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My pick for writer would be Nicholas Meyer. He did a fantastic job with the TOS movies.
He could do the directing, as well, but I would like to have Martin Scorsese.

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I want David Mack because I really want a movie version of the Destiny Trilogy.

Of course, Frakes and Sirtis are getting too old for that shit. She’s supposed to be pregnant in the first book.

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Let me add that if they bring Harvey Mudd into the next Star Trek movie, I will be hunting down the producers.
@ragingloli I am a longtime Nicholas Meyer fan, especially “The Seven Percent Solution” and “Time After Time”

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I write the screenplay
Joel Cohen directs.

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George Lucas. Industrial light and Magic, Pixar and Disney. I would hire you to write the script.

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