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What star sign are you, and do you think your personality matches your star sign?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14757points) January 15th, 2014

I know similar questions may have been asked before. But I think I just ask again, now that there are more jellies.
I will begin with myself first:
I’m a Gemini, Scorpion moon (not very sure about this one). And my personality is somewhat a typical Gemini one: love new things, live an unusual lifestyle, love freedom, have a lot of imagination…
How about you?

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The Atronach (often called the Golem) is one of the Mage’s Charges. Its season is Sun’s Dusk. Those born under this sign are natural sorcerers with deep reserves of magicka, but they cannot generate magicka of their own.

I do not have any magicka reserves though, but I am indeed unable to generate my own.

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Capricorn and I think I match from what I have read.

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I looked up common traits of Scorpios and found the following. Let’s see how @cookieman matches up:

– Loyal = YES
– Passionate = YES
– Resourceful = YES
– Observant = YES
– Dynamic = YES

– Jealous = NO
– Obsessive = SOMETIMES
– Suspicious = YES
– Manipulative = SOMETIMES
– Unyielding = SOMETIMES

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I’m a Gemini, and I seem to be similar to what I have read.

A couple of us were fooling around with an online chart and reading application the other day, and I thought it had kind of read me right , but had emphasized a couple of points that I didn’t identify with, but a friend said she saw those traits in me.

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I looked up my sign (Sagittarius), and it definitely fits:

Sagittarius: They are sarcastic, have chronic back pain, have sleep disorders, love debate, are introverts, have a tendency to procrastinate, are usually software developers, and usually have 3 kids.


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I’m a Leo, and yes. I also match all other signs.

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I had a fling with astrology whilst trying on paganism between my parting from Christianity and deconversion to atheism.

According to the principles of astrology, one’s horoscope begins with three signs, the Sun sign, the Moon sign, and the Ascendant or Rising sign. The sun sign is only one aspect.

I’ve taken the liberty of striking-through anything that might violate a confirmation bias.

Sun sign – your “essential qualities” or potential: Capricorn
Highest Expression:
ambitious, self-reliant, disciplined, persevering, resourceful, creative, patient, family-oriented, committed, self-motivated, mature, dependable

Moon sign- your “inner self” or your habits, feelings and instincts: Cancer
intuitive, gentle, nurturing, protective, sympathetic, refined, imaginative, loyal
The Shadow Side:
clingy, critical, moody, secretive, manipulative, needy, evasive

Rising sign – your “external self”, or how you present yourself to the public: Cancer
Personality Traits: gentle manner, aloof, intuitive, moody (warm to cold), easily wounded, protective.
Body and Style: round face, pillowy curves, large breasts (for women), large belly, cozy and comfy style, shades of blue, protective layers, changeable tastes.

you are sensitive and kind, but wary of those you first meet. You like to feel out a situation, before deciding what to do. And it takes awhile before you drop your guard down. You have a vulnerable look that makes others want to shield you. And you’re very nurturing toward friends and family, when you feel safe. You have a loony sense of humor and are able to read people and know what’s really going on. This gives you the ability to intuit when to speak or act and exactly what to say. When tuned into your sixth sense, you’ve got a great sense of timing.

This emotional intelligence makes you the kind of communicator that makes a deep impact. You know how to reach the hearts of others, when you’re at your best. Your imaginative gifts can be applied in the arts, or you may enter one of the healing professions. You’re a leader that wins respect in a quiet way.

If you’ve suffered and lost trust in people, you can be defensive to the extreme. By nature, you deal with strong moods that change constantly. You often lose your perspective, when you’re enveloped by your own emotions. But that vivid response to life is what also makes you so endearing. You wear your heart on your sleeve at times, and may have to learn healthy boundaries. Knowing when to trust, and when to stay in your shell can be a lifelong lesson.

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Capricorn here and yes, to a degree, however I am not ruthlessly ambitious, at all.
Tenacious, loyal, honest, stubborn, especially if I think you are full of shit I will not concede. lol
Personally I like the Meyers/Briggs personality theory best. I am absolutely a textbook ENTP female, a rational yet abstract thinker, half brilliant half scattered, wild horses cannot force me to do anything that does not appeal to me. haha

We have a hard time fitting in to a society based on rigid structure and little personal freedom and given our non-conforming style often end up as gifted underachievers. That’s me for sure. Endless potential, little motivation to play the game.
Some legacy. haha

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Aquarius fits me well.
I am concerned about global social issues.
I am a little eccentric, but my heart’s in a good place.
I do think I’m right quite often, and I do have a temper.
I love technology.
I do have weak ankles, too.

The only thing that doesn’t mesh is that I like to surround myself with lots of friends and family. Yeah, not so much, I’m more of a hermit because people are often disappointing to me. I much prefer animals and nature, gives me time to think.

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@tom_g I married a Sag, good people usually, and has sleep disorder.

@Kropotkin My mom’s a Leo and we’re complete opposits in many ways.

My besty for many years was a Virgo, not any of those here?

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So, it turns out, my husband, and two of my besties, and now you are all ENTPs.

I apparently surround myself with people who puke rainbows and leave trails of glitter.

Something to balance my over-serious, hyper-critical INTJ self, I suppose. ^_^

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I was born in the Chinese year of Tiger. I am also Aquarius. None of it matche who I am exactly only very generally.

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@Seek_Kolinahr hahaha, puke rainbows and leave trails of glitter, I love that!!!

@gondwanalon How do you think you differ from the description? Curious.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Lucky you! I have yet to meet another ENTP in real life, I am always the little mental monkey bouncing off of others and leaving them bewildered. lol
Trust me though, for all the puking rainbows and glitter trails we can also puke some pretty sharp and prickly comebacks when in a mood. Either bouncing around like Tigger or zinging poison darts, not much middle ground. haha

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^ That is the truth.

But whereas you always know when the ENTP is in rageface mode, we INTJ are the evil mastermind. We will tear you down and make you think it was your own idea.

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I too was born in the year of the tiger, but I am gemini. Pretty explosive pairing. Yup, fits me.

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Ah. Chinese thing. I’m a Ram, I think.

Lucky me, I get all the horny animals.

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So, where does an INTP like me fit in?

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Like Indiana Jones?

I had you pegged INTJ all day long. All the great evil overlords are INTJ. And the great good guys like Sherlock Holmes and Gandalf and Hannibal Lecter.

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Maybe I just don’t know you well enough as a person (instead of your character portrayal), and I’m projecting myself onto you. I tend to do that.

INTPs are generally very logical, avoid people, not leaders, and not evil at all.

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Ah. I’m an ox, not a ram.

According to this the confirmation bias is strong with my Chinese horoscope.
Except for the whole “leader” thing. I don’t want to be in charge of people. That requires being around… people.

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@Seek_Kolinahr @ragingloli I’m an INTJ. Does that make me an evil overlord?

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@Rarebear You have to be, you’re too good at manipulating me, not many people do that and still make me like them…lol <twirling mustache>

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It gives you the tools to be an evil overlord.

We choose how we use our powers, and whether they are for good or evil. But most of your great movie villains are INTJ.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Yeah ENTPs gone wrong just fall into extreme self indulgence mode and become obsessed with options. lol

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Aries and yes.

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@JimTurner Rams and goats get along pretty well. Gotta keep the fish and bulls and scorpions away from our mountain. lol

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I am a double pieces who knows that in experiments where professors ask each student the details to accurately calculate their sun, moon and star signs, then hand out personality profiles for those signs; the students agree that the descriptions match them. It makes no difference what actual sign the prof. hands out a profile for, test subjects think it fits them. That’s because the charlatans who make a good living pushing this sort of woo write the personality profiles in general enough terms they will fit nearly everyone.

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I was born in the year of the cock. Sometimes people say I’m a dick. I guess this stuff really works.

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It seems that some people here use the Chinese zodiac too.
I was born in the year of the pig, but I don’t think my personality matches it.

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Pisces – In many ways, yes, but I don’t have a problem (so far) with drugs or alcohol, which I have read can be a common problem for us.

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I definitely don’t have the personality characteristics of an Aries guy, but my birthdate descriptions were on par with my ego.

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