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Any traceurs in Philadelphia around Oxford Circle or Frankford?

Asked by JK9497 (65points) January 15th, 2014

Yes parkour and freerunning is fun, yet it’s not nearly as fun as it would be with more than 1 person. I am simply looking for traceurs willing to hang out, maybe do some parkour or freerunning once in a while, but ones who live near me. I haven’t exactly found too many, and the ones I’ve found either don’t live near me or have moved away.

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There are only a few people I know of on Fluther that are in the Philly area. You’d have a better chance of finding like-minded individuals in sites dedicated to parkour; or maybe on sites like, where groups are organized around particular interests. The closest parkour-specific groups were in NYC, but that doesn’t mean no one is interested in Philly. Seek out athletic, martial arts, or running groups that might be a launching point for you to find other people who are interested. Good luck and be safe!

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There’s a Parkour Gym near American and Aramingo (Kensington) and I imagine individuals come from quite a radius; perhaps some may even be closer to you in Oxford Circle.

I also know that there is a large Philadelphia community of those into the Alexander
Technique. I realize its not exactly the same but related.

And, the majority of them will likely be theater types but the principles of efficient body movement and awareness have a wide variety of applications.

I used to live in Mt. Airy and there is an Alexander school nearby. Some if them were tenants in a house share in which I used to live.

You could try posting a (free) notice on the bulletin boards at Weavers Way Co-op and perhaps some of the Alexander folks might know of potential running buddies located closer to you. Just a thought.

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(Hate the short Fluther editing time). Anyhow….

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