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Does anyone know the following brand of bagel?

Asked by flo (11432points) January 19th, 2014

“Old Mill”. People are raving about the taste of it, I heard. I don’t have any more info. I went to the site. I get: “WARNING: Visiting this website may harm your computer!”

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Face Book page hasn’t been updated in THREE years sounds like the website has been Hi-Jacked!

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How terrible. Jealous competetor maybe .

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Yep. Sometimes I shop at this store, I have a friend in TO that sent me the online flyer because I had no clue there was one LOL. Here they are at the bottom of the page.

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Tastes like every other bagged, branded bagel. Which is to say, like a roll, NOT a bagel. Yuck.

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@KaY_Jelly thanks for that. I tried to look at the flyer but I have to enter an area code.

@Pachy You sound so much like a competetor who can’t carry the product.

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Ok. Well it doesn’t matter now because they changed the flyer and the picture is no longer there. :/

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Thanks @KaY_Jelly I will call one of the stores in the site.

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