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( Spoiler alert ) Has anyone seen " Lone Survivor" and how did it impact you?

Asked by Coloma (47015points) January 19th, 2014

I saw it this afternoon and am still in recovery. haha
Intense and emotionally captivating. I am normally not a war movie fan but do like Mark Wahlberg and was blown away by the impact of this film and the poignant portrayal of an ultimate truth, for every enemy there is an ally and how we should never stereotype an entire culture. Care to share your experience/opinion?

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I’ve read the book, if that counts. It was a pretty captivating book in my opinion.

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Most special forces personnel think Marcus Lutrell should have kept his mouth shut. If you know them, ask them if they disagree with me.

Having said that, I have met him, and the experience clearly had a life changing effect on him, beyond merely surviving combat, which is life changing by itself.

I saw the movie. It is gripping and pretty true to life.

And the bad guys in the movie really are the bad guys.

Too bad Americans are confused about that.

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@josie I was just flat lined, I have much research to do now. lol

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I saw the 60 Minutes interview with him and it was gut-wrenching.

I have not seen the movie.

I’m a little confused by what is meant by the “ultimate truth”.

His entire group was killed because they were unable to deal with those who stumbled upon them and alerted everyone else thus resulting in the massive firefight which killed them all.

So what “ultimate truth” was preserved by that?

Is the movie vastly different from the book?

What am I missing here?

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The film isn’t entirely accurate according to this article

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@Buttonstc My reference to ultimate truth is that he was rescued and taken in by a small group of Afghani villagers that honored an ancient code of honor to help anyone in need. Therefore showing that in the midst of war there are always going to be those in a culture that do not comply with the majority and will risk their welfare for another, hence not stereotyping all Afghans as evil terrorists.

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Ok, I see what you mean.

I was focusing more upon the ones whom they originally encountered and subsequently alerted the ones who ended up killing them. The Seal guys were prohibited from killing or capturing them and that’s what got the rest of his entire team killed.

They could have just as easily gone on their way and said nothing since they were basically tending to their sheep ( if I remember correctly).

But, you’re right about the stereotyping and he was fortunate to be sheltered by a guy who wasn’t in the Taliban.

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^^^ Yes, exactly. :-)

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