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What day is it today?

Asked by glacial (12115points) January 19th, 2014

Opinions welcome.

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3 days till payday.

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This is a tough one. Some people might be tempted to offer a “common sense” answer, such as “Sunday”. But that might be overlooking the fact that our senses are imperfect. It could be Wednesday. I am undecided, or agnostic.

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It is Sunnandæg.

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I’ve been observing and it seems that it’s a day for some to bitch about this site. Am I wrong? Just a thought. It seems that it’s okay for some to bitch but others can’t. Again, am I wrong?

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@hey_now Wrong? No. Everyone is entitled to their own truth.

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People are bitching. It’s not my truth.

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Are you people trying to kill me? ~

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There are no AK-47’s in the the audience.

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It is 2 days before the proposal is due. Time for some serious procrastinating.

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It is a day for my boredom to reach new depths. I think I’d better get writing again.

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Not tomorrow. The day after yesterday.

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Don’t fall for it! Today was created by the Republicans and Democrats to fool the sheeple into submission!

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It’s the last day of the football season for a lot of us.

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The first day of my school’s holiday. I’m staying at home now!

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Today (Monday) is the second day of my weekend, because I worked Saturday and have Sunday and Monday off. My task for the day is to buy some new bed linen, which I will be doing as soon as I’ve finished my morning cuppa.

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Shit question day.

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Comic Book Day

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@cookieman I wish everyday is comic book day!

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@Mimishu1995: I agree, but my wallet might complain.

So, what did you pick up today?

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@cookieman Inspector Canardo. An innocent art style covering a dark storyline.

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@Mimishu1995: Ooh, I’ll check that out. Independent of my usual Marvel titles, I grabbed Velvet by Ed Brubaker. Retro, pulp, spy thriller.

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@cookieman What kind of pulp do you read? I want to try.

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