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Sorry if this is not a delicate question...but why does my cat smell like sour milk?

Asked by yankeetooter (9648points) January 20th, 2014

And no, he hasn’t been in the sour milk (and I don’t have any), but I am really concerned he ate something that is affecting his digestion. I only ever give my cats moist cat food, dry cat food, and cat treats, so what could this be? I gave him a tiny bit of milk from my cereal bowl yesterday…could that be affecting his, ah, emanations from the rear?

Should I be worried?

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Many cats are lactose-intolerant, so yes, even a small amount could have an effect. If he smells like sour milk, though, I would think maybe he got some on himself. If he’s acting fine I wouldn’t worry.

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He’s been really affectionate, but that’s about it…

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Take your cat to a hospital. And maybe the milk can matter.You can get a tiny bit of cereal in a tiny bit of milk.

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Your veterinarian would be the best person to find the cause. The sour smell could be indicative of a dental infection or something else. Some cats with diabetes will have a distinct odor that comes from their body. So please get him checked.

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As long as he is acting fine, I would not worry for now. Keep an eye on him. And yes, the milk can definitely matter.

Remember none of us are vets, though…

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Wash him, and then wait a bit to see if he starts to smell again.

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The smell just went away later last evening (which is why I thought it might be flatulence). No return of the smell, and he is acting normally today, so I don’t know.

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If it were me, I would wait a bit and see how he’s doing. And I have to say, consider yourself lucky if his flatulence only smells like sour milk… it could be so much worse.

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It was fortunate that your cat doesn’t stop smelling like sour milk. I worried about it.

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Thanks, @ahro0703. He’s been fine since I posted this question.

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