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How could Liberal Studies be a B.S.?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) January 22nd, 2014

A college I’m looking at, Clarion University has a Bachelor’s of Science in Liberal Studies and I want a Concentration in English. But I’m curious as to how the approaches would be different if I would end up with a Bachelor’s of Science instead of a Bachelor’s of Art degree? I know that most colleges offer English degrees as Arts rather than science….

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That doesn’t make much sense to me, but I’d imagine it wouldn’t matter either way. BS or BA, an English degree is an English degree.

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A straightforward English major gets a BA at Clarion.

Liberal Studies does fall under the BS., but that degree is offered in only education, music, women and gender studies, communications, theater, community services, and global understanding.

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Have you looked at what the curriculum is for the BSc. in Liberal Studies? Maybe it is kind of a “rocks for jocks” or for people who want to go to grad school in the sciences but want a liberal arts background? The course requirements will give you a stronger idea. Do some more research.

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There’s no way it’s correctly posted. Liberal Studies will always be a B.A. because it’s a learning about many arts not a science. (To state the obvious)

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I got a B.A. in biochemisty. It doesn’t really matter.

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@Rarebear Agreed. I doubt an employer will look at a resume and says, “I’d love to hire this person, if only they had a BS instead of a BA.”

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I got a B.A. in astronomy and got a wonderful job right out of college doing research at the Harvard College Observatory.

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@Rarebear @livelaughlove21 @gailcalled Interesting. I thought there would maybe be a distinction between how the concepts approached if you had an Arts degree instead of a Sciences one.

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@Aesthetic_Mess Sure, there’s a difference in what classes you’ll take with a BA route versus a BS route, but none of that means much to most employers.

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