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My roommate is asleep... Should I turn the music on?

Asked by trinitymat2 (27points) January 24th, 2014

So it’s 4 am here and my roommate has been inviting her friends like usual and being extremely loud without asking me or anything. I am wearing ear plugs so it wasn’t that bad, but now I woke up and I really want to open music. Should I be considerate? If she is acting like she’s the only one in the house, shouldn’t I too?

Also 3 of her friends are here, would that be bad?

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If you are angry that that group of friends turn on loud music without asking you and want some “revenge”, then yes.
If not, then no.

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No. One of you needs to act like an adult.

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No. Again…if you want to be taken seriously, don’t act like a child. Also: Think of your neighbours, what have they done?

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Here is what you do. You take the biggest speakers you have available.
You position them right next to her head.
You turn the volume to max.
And then you turn on the music and blast her eardrums to hell!

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Would that be bad??? Yes indeed. It would be a petty act of revenge that would almost definitely not solve your problem and lead to hard feelings. Do a mature thing. Buy an inexpensive pair of sound cancelling earphones, which will enable you to ignore the noise and listen to your own music whenever you like.

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A better solution would be to get @trinitymat (your alter ego?) to beat her up.

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Don’t be a dick.

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I guess I’m not really getting why you can’t move out of this bad situation. You seem to be feeding on it rather than dealing with it in a grown-up way.

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Be the better person. Have a conversation or two, or three. If tha doesn’t work, move out (or if you’re primary on the lease, toss her out). Petty revenge accomplishes nothing.

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Oh dear god, just stop it already!
I will personally help you pack your bags and move, ideally into a nursery school.

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^^What she said! Obviously, you’re never going to get along with this roommate. Start making plans to move. Try looking for a cheap studio so you don’t have to live with anyone. Good luck.

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To answer your question here, I’ll say no. Why not just move? Why is not moving out an option?

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