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Is it alright to purchase really expensive shoes in these times?

Asked by Eggie (5591points) January 24th, 2014

I have already purchased an Air Jordan and a Timberland boots, but what I want to purchase is a more expensive type of shoe in the Jordan collection for the purpose of going on dates and partying but a piece of my brain is telling me that I should not because I would be putting myself at risk with bandits. I really want to purchase the shoe but do you think it would be hamper my safety?

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Depends if you are distracted with music from an iPod. I never had this problem since I got to 6 foot tall. None messes with me anymore.

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What’s your budget? What’s your ‘hood like? Where do you live?

Wear cheap flip-flops and change to your expensive Jordans once inside the club.

(Bandits? Jeez.)

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Where are you? My guess is Somalia, or perhaps Venezuela or Brazil

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And I thought this was going to be a moral question.

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They might cut off your feet to steal your shoes.

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Speaking of shoes…

Two weeks ago the damage to my Red Wings™ finally got to the point where the soles started to delaminate, and I can see where the damage will spread soon, and extensively. Great! I’ve had those shoes for the past ten years or so, and hated them most of the time. I got them – because I needed them – at a time when I couldn’t afford really good work boots. They never fit as well as I would have liked; they weren’t insulated; the soles never felt “right”, and to top it off, they didn’t have steel toes, so I couldn’t wear them on a lot of our current jobsites where our rules have changed to require steel-toed boots. So I was stuck… until two weeks ago. (Because I can’t justify new boots while the old ones have any life left, even if I hate em. I’m from New England, where the motto is “Use it up; wear it out. Make it do, or do without.”)

So last week I got to splurge and get my own Timberland Endurance Pro™ boots. Had I known these boots existed, I would have thrown my Red Wings into a fire years ago and just said “Oops!” These things are well padded (and insulated), have steel toes (with rubber caps, too, for external protection of the boot itself), anti-fatigue soles. They are ugly as sin, except for their beautiful utility and comfort. What a dream to wear! I was so happy to have the bitter cold weather and snow this week as an excuse to wear them… into the office.

Hell yes, buy the shoes you want. If they’re good enough you can outrun the bandits or, failing that, kick them in the balls. And if they’re not “that kind of shoe”, then perhaps you’ll look so good that you’ll charm the bandits.

The bandits you really need to watch for are the ones who promise to “watch over you for your own good”. So few on Fluther get that, though. One day you will, though, “good and hard”, as Mencken said.

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Yes. Say what you want about Italians, but they really know how to make shoes.

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Air Jordans? Bandits? What year do you live in?

Buy the shoes.

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I know that in the U.S.A wearing a Jordans of any type and price is a norm, but I am living in Trinidad and a Jordan sneakers is really expensive and a guy who wears them, will look like he has a lot of money. I would not describe my country as a crime zone, but its just that people don’t really wear those type of shoes any and any where. Hence why I asked the question. On a real though I am going to take your advice and purchase it, because I think I deserve to feel happy with what I buy and I think I work hard enough to get the things I want without harassment.

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@Eggie “I know that in the U.S.A wearing a Jordans of any type and price is a norm”

In the 90s, yes. Kids these days hardly know who Michael Jordan is.

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Maybe I was born in the wrong century, but Jordan’s and all the other pseudo-sports shoes of that ilk are hideous, gaudy, trashy, and tell me that you’re an absolute mug for buying something that isn’t actually good to walk or run in, makes you look like a clown, and is massively overpriced.

I had to get that off my chest. Feel free to disagree. This is in social, so I’ll have my little rant.

I can approve of Timberland’s because they’re exceptionally tough and well-made shoes that will last years—although they are ugly and not very stylish. Somehow I doubt that the longevity of a shoe is a selling point for you…

Won’t your feet get a bit hot and sweaty wearing these in Trinidad? Le me guess, the marketing blurb says that they “allow your feet to breathe”.

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If you got it then flaunt it.

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