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Using Temporary Paper License along with expired license for Vegas trip?

Asked by Aubs427 (421points) January 24th, 2014

I recently got my wallet stolen and had the DMV print me out a temporary paper license in the mail. I don’t have a California ID and the two things I have that have my name on it are my work ID and this old license I had back from 2010. My friends planned a last minute Vegas trip and I’m wondering…

I’m not looking to go gambling or anything, but I would like to enjoy a drink or two (Fat Tuesday) on the Strip or a bar. Would I be able to use my expired license and the temporary license the DMV mailed me in order to prove who I am and my age? Also, the temporary license does NOT have my picture on it. I would use my old license and even work ID to prove identity. But, I’m hearing a lot of mixed reviews.

I do have a passport, but that is expired as well. Thanks for your replies!

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Take any ID that you have with you, even if it’s expired. That way, you have your temp license and your other, expired, photo ID’s and hopefully, between the two types, you’ll be ok. Good luck!

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I work at a liquor store. If you look young, or I had never seen you before, or both, it would be pretty iffy. It would come down to gut instinct on whether I sold you alcohol or not. For someone in my shoes, you could be a minor or an undercover cop, and doing the wrong thing could mean I lose my job or the business gets fined heavily.

Bars and nightclubs here are a lot more strict than liquor stores, because so many underage people try to get in. I’d imagine it’s even more strict in Las Vegas.

It probably depends on the place. If you’re trying to order a glass of wine with dinner in a quiet restaurant, they might let you. Getting into a nightclub or casino might be off the menu.

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@Haleth I’m not planning to go to any clubs or gamble at all. I’m really just hoping that I could sit at a quiet bar or one of those quick stop alcohol places (the ones that sell the Fat Tuesdays)... I was hoping the bartender would accept those forms of ID.

I’m planning to bring my expired passport, license, and my temporary paper license.

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@Aubs427 Chances are you’ll probably be able to do stuff like that.

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You should be fine with the state issued expired ID along with the temporary one.

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You would be okay with any expired ID as long as you were 21 at the time it was issued.
In California, your license is configured differently if you are underage.

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