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What do girls mean when they say "nice legs" to a boy?

Asked by 2TFX (435points) January 25th, 2014

I was wearing shorts.

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it’s hard to imagine that “nice legs” could mean anything other than “nice legs” – even when said by someone of the female persuasion.

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Probably the same thing boys mean when they say “nice legs” to a girl… I suspect strongly they think the legs are nice.

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Nice legs.

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That the boy’s legs are attractive to them. Girls enjoy looking at most male body parts, just like guys enjoy looking at female body parts.

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Knowing your other question, it means your legs are disproportionate to your upper body.

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It either means there is something about your legs they like…

or they appreciated the little droplets that ran down the inside of the wine glass when the dude with an education, a job and a cool car bought them an expensive red.

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It means that you are trying to attract the flutherettes on this site, by using a good strategy…keep it might get lucky.

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I am altering my previous answer, based upon what you’ve asked in your other Q’s.

These girls have made mean, rude comments about your body. They’re being sarcastic.

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