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Can boys wear short shorts?

Asked by 2TFX (435points) January 26th, 2014

The long shorts today are a little more than pants. I prefer shorts that go above the knee. they are more comfortable and easy to wear.

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As long as they are not Daisy Duke shorts can’t see why not.

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Back in the good old GDR, it was normal for boys to wear these

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Above the knee is okay, just don’t have your ass hanging out. No one wants to see that on a guy.

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The NBA has brought back retro shorts this year, after the fashion of the short shorts in the ‘80s.

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Can they? Of course. Should they? Well, that depends on how short they are, where the guy is wearing them, and what the guy looks like in them.

These are perfectly fine. These are not.

Oh, and me-OW! I would mind their asses handing out of their shorts.

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Well, they can.

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Anyone ever see the OP ( Ocean Pacific ) short shorts guys wore in the 70’s? I have, I was there, balls out all the time. lol
There is an old geezer that walks my local bike/walking trail every day in his short shorts, creep old baboon. All of us woman laugh at him and he is the talk of the trail. Exhibitionist dude in his little sumu wrestler short shorts. Ewwww!

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The big issue with shorter shorts on men is they have to keep the dragon caged so if you are a guy who doesn’t wear underwear that hold him in nicely I wouldn’t recommend it unless you want an accidental wardrobe malfunction. I remember in gym class in high school and climbing the rope there was a boy who didn’t wear any underwear and his little dragon popped out as he was climbing oops lol

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Immeediately above the knee is not short shorts to me, I call them Bermuda shorts or long shorts. To me below the knee are not shorts, they are capris, can be clam diggers (although clam diggers can be slightly above the knee too) and also called three quarter pants. There are probably more names I am forgetting. Short shorts near the top of the thigh I don’t think look good on men, but it is ok for a swimsuit. Mid thigh can be ok, but I like them close to the knee.

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I vote for guys in mid-thigh shorts. Gentlemen, your legs are gorgeous. Those long, baggy things – the male version of culottes or bloomers – do nothing to flatter your (very sexy) legs.

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I really like the look of those Retro basketball shorts. They’re just the right compromise between the super baggy and the barely-there ones back in the days of Dr. J. (And I mean the Erving one, NOT the Fluther one) Those were so short it was ridiculous, but he carried it off well.

Good times back in Philly:

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It all depends where you’re wearing them.

These almost anywhere, in the street, at the mall etc.

These at the gym or on the beach

These are suitable only for your local Gay Pride parade.

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@downtide: Is that middle one a young Brad Pitt?

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@jca I don’t think so. I found it on some random tumblr. Tineye was no help so I think it’s just an amateur model.

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@downtide Blech, that first guy has ugly legs. I’d opt for jeans if I were him. He could also use a nice greasy cheeseburger or two. It’s bad enough that female models starve themselves so they can achieve an impressive level of grossness, but guys too? Who thinks guys look best with -5% body fat? The shorts are fine in themselves though, so we can agree on that.

@jca Definitely not. But still pretty damn hot.

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@jca Looks like Brad Pitt to me too.

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@livelaughlove21 These are not.
Ugh, aye, ahhhhh… eyes!!! (Put a disclaimer on that link next time. He has NOTHING on you; you wolf whistle, him, barf bag!

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I want to bring back 1970s basketball uniforms, which had tight, short pants with slits on either side. I think that men have incredibly sexy legs; they should flaunt them – a little something for the ladies! – and not cover them in ugly, baggy, long “culottes.” Dudes, please don’t play basketball in what looks like a woman’s skirt!

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There are several reasons I can hypothesize as to why you no longer see Shorts that are shorter than culottes are:

• Shorts that shorts are for little children, mature people have grown out of them.
• They are fine if you are a foreigner, if in a British school, Japanese school, or some Asian port city, then it is OK.
• That was old-style, sagging your pants half way off your arse is much cooler; you will see rappers with and without talent < ahem Justin Bieber, ahem > wearing them saggy.
• There are too many closet pedophiles on the streets, they see a boy in short shorts they will kidnap them right off the street in front of McDonalds.
• The biggest reason (or the reason people will deny or get pissed off the most) it appears too gay, to wear them that short you have to have ”some sugar in your tank”.

Boys and even men can wear short shorts…….just not in the US. ~~

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Except for competitive swimmers and divers, no man or boy should ever wear a Speedo. Just say no.

@Hypocrisy_Central “They are fine if you are a foreigner, if in a British school…” So much English weather is damp and chilly. Don’t those boys get very cold wearing short-shorts? I note that they have cozy sweaters on top, and warm knee socks below, but that their legs are bare and exposed. Brrr… In July, maybe, but during the months of the school year?

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@SadieMartinPaul So much English weather is damp and chilly. Don’t those boys get very cold wearing short-shorts?
Well in Japan whether it is Japanese school girls, or boys they seem to be made of stronger constitution than their US counterparts, I guess the British kids are in good company.

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You get used to the cold. Besides, Japanese are a superior race.

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@Coloma Bleah! So many of those men are showcasing their – ahem – packages, because they’re overweight and in very bad shape. They have just one thing to be proud of, and that’s large genitalia.

Newsflash to those guys: Your junk simply isn’t attractive when it, along with your entire fat body, gets crammed into a Speedo.

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^^ they just might be…..they just might be.

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