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If you were given a chance to restart this life, what would you change?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) January 26th, 2014

Could you expand a bit on that? Explain.
Is there anything you think you could have done differently in your life?
Is there anything you regret?
Do you have any regrets or dreams that you haven’t yet fulfilled?
A sincere thanks to all of you.

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I now think I wouldn’t have married the person I did. Yes, I wouldn’t have had these wonderful children but presumably I would have had different ones. But it is and was what it was…....

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If I could change anything from birth, I would want to be born into a family that loves and respects each other. Everything about my life would have been different if I’d had unconditional love and supportive parents.

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I would have liked to have been a little less afraid, a little more daring.

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If I could do a Pachy reboot, I would be more thrifty with money, I would try harder not to mistake lust for love, and I would choose a physical regimen better for my body than jogging.

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I would encourage my friends to be more supportive. They weren’t at all.

I would also like to have made some of those mistakes I carefully avoided.

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You couldn’t pay me to go back and do it all over again. Regardless of how awful the past was, I’d leave it be and press forward.

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I wouldn’t change anything. If I did change things, I would regret other things. Perfection is an illusion and a lie. Life is what it is and so is the past.

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I would have said ‘yes’ to a few people instead of, in my narrow views at those times, ‘doing the right thing’.

As a corollary, I also like the way @filmfann puts it “like to have made some of those mistakes I carefully avoided”.

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I wouldn’t read ‘Moby Dick’.

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Not moving to this crappy little town with it’s crappy little people.
At school I would have studied harder and stayed in collage and never married my ex wife.
I love what @tups said…

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I would have appreciated my pre-30 body more. Taken photos (back then it woulda been polaroid of course). I would have enjoyed and used my physical strength and stamina more.

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I would have turned in all my homework in high school. I was smart, I just didn’t care and am now paying the price. If I turned in my homework and put any sort of effort into my high school career I would’ve graduated college and been making “decent” money. Instead I’m paycheck to paycheck and that shit sucks!

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I would have wished that my penis was a little shorter.

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I died in a road accident, but I can’t really remember how everything happened. I remember crashing…and that’s all. If I could restart anything, on that fateful day, I would not have taken my car.
It wasn’t drinking and driving, don’t worry about that. I’ve always been responsible, so this is why it tees me off a little. Perhaps I will only be able to move on until I realize, or accept that I was merely dealt a bad hand. Otherwise, I have no regrets.
I don’t mind being a ghost, however I would like to join my loved ones some day, wherever it is people go once they die, and don’t become wandering ghosts.

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I wouldn’t have pushed my lady friend away when we were in a deep hug in university. Stupid me and dating rules… I didn’t want to cheat on my girlfriend, even though the relationship was falling apart, but It was my last chance with my lady friend… She’s married now and had three kids last I snooped on her Facebook page. And my ex-girlfriend finally unfriended me on Facebook.
Also when I moved to Jasper at 18 years old I should have realized that I can still go to the high school and take grade 12 over again, instead of working a low wage ($6.75/h) at a hotel

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I’d make sure my younger self ate more, if it meant going out and stealing food. I wish I had more people in my life. Now I just rely on myself mostly and don’t know how to deal with any type of relationship.
I feel like I can just say things like “Ohh yeah if I did life again I’d totally be a more happy/kind/friendly/mature/daring/outgoing person!” or what not but I know that my personality flaws would get in the way no matter how many times I repeat life.

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I would eliminate bigots and hypocrites.

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^^Haven’t seen you in a while. Welcome back!

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I would have been born super rich and made sure I died a pauper, having given it ALL away.

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I still would have joined the military, but I wouldn’t have stayed in for so long. I would’ve used it as the proper stepping stone it should be: doing 2–4 years and getting out for college. Many people end up staying in the military out of fear because it’s easier to stay in instead of work your way up again.

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I’d have kept in better touch with my college friends, and maybe lived there instead of living here. They’re some of the nicest and most interesting people I’ve ever met, and it was a really fun and laid-back town. Now we’re scattered all around the country.

OTOH, if I had stayed there, I would have missed out on some pretty pivotal life experiences, and probably had different ones there, so who knows.

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I would’ve gone to that good public school with a good scholarship package instead of the more elite but pricey private school.

I would take a year off between high school and college. Not to travel/have adventures but I didn’t possess the skills for independent living.

I’d eat better so at least I could look fondly back on this time of my life instead of feeling shame.

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one ius given this chance everyday . Just start anew.

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@Inspired_2write Simple and a kliché, but I really like it.

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