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Pain in upper inner thigh?

Asked by joanne53 (6points) January 3rd, 2012

I have intermittent pain in my upper, inner thigh. When walking around this pain is so sudden it can knock me off my feet. When sitting, if I move my leg (right) I can recreate the pain and feel it through to my buttocks. If it strikes when walking, I’m left with a very sore knee as well as the inner thigh. Can anyone help me with this. It is very debilitating!!!!!

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You need to see a doctor to get a diagnosis.

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Might be sciatica…but yeah, as Marinelife says…get to a professional asap.

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I agree with @sndfreQ . It sounds like sciatica. Go to the doctor and get a diagnosis.

Once you have the diagnosis and it is indeed sciatica, go find a good chiropractor. Even if your doctor poo-poos it and suggests drugs or other stuff, this is one condition that chiropractors are extremely good at fixing. They give you a massage and adjustment that starts out painful but immediately feels better after one session. Then you do all the exercises. After 5 or so visits you will be pain free if you keep up with the exercises.

I have had sciatica and chiropractors are the only folk who have helped. I still suggest a regular MD (or even better, an OD because they can do chiropractor like adjustments and don’t distrust chiropractors) because I wouldn’t trust a chiropractor to make diagnoses. If you have some sort of problem with circulation or anything not related to joints, the chiropractor will likely misdiagnose and you could end up worse off than before.

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