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Why do women wear bikinis?

Asked by 2TFX (435points) January 28th, 2014

Are they worn just for tanning and looking good or are they worn for swimming as well?

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All of the above. It’s hot in the summer – you want to wear as little clothing as possible. A bikini allows you to do that.

That’s like asking why men wear swim trunks.

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Because they’re not nudists. Funny that a skimpy bikini is shown off at the beach, but the same woman would come across all bashful if seen by strangers in her bra & knickers.
A rather childish way to look at things, but hey, never stopped me before.

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To drive all the men Crazzzzzy.

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Because one-piece bathing suits always ride-up, which is very uncomfortable, embarrassing, and causes frequent tugging.

Because nature was kind enough to give me a slender waist and flat stomach, and I enjoy showing both.

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Because some women are much bigger on top than on the bottom or vice versa. Also, some women have long torsos and it is difficult to find a one piece that is long enough. Some women have short torsos and one pieces are too long. Another reason is sometimes bikinis are more in fashion that one piece suits, or they simply like a particular bikini. Or, they live in a place where most people wear bikinis. Or, they want to show off more of their body. Or, they want to tan their tummy and back as you mentioned.

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They can’t afford the bit in the middle :D

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I prefer tankinis. I don’t have to wear a one-piece when I’m way too young to and I also don’t constantly worry if I look fat. The only downside is the tan strip that develops between my bikini bottoms and the bottom of my tankini top.

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@ucme That has always confused me as well.

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I vote all the pretty gals go shopping in their underwear, think of it as a beach without sand, or sea, or lifeguards, or…you get the picture.

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Women don’t shop in bikinis. It’s hardly the same.

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Of course it’s not, Einstein, just messing around.

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Well I didn’t think you were being completely serious. Still…

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@livelaughlove21 They do on the boardwalk :P, but for example one of my fiances old room mates would get really embarrassed if I would see her around the house in a bra or even more covered up in a towel or something after a shower. How is this not just as revealing(though generally less so) than when we all go to the beach or something?

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I think it must be that when wearing a bikini at the beach, it’s on their terms, they’re showing flesh but don’t give a shit, just chilling out. Anyone seeing them in their underwear is an invasion on what’s meant to be private, same flesh on show, but entirely different circumstances. Or maybe women are just funny buggers, I gave up working them out years ago.

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Most bikinis are sexier than one pieces or tankinis.
More comfortable than a one piece. Less riding up.
You can mix/match tops and bottoms. This expands your swim wardrobe.
Bikinis dry faster than one pieces.
With growing children, 2 piece suits will last longer than 1 piece suits.
If you have an odd length torso, it is easier to find a suit that fits.
In some situations, it is acceptable to go topless. A one piece would look silly folded down.

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They want to replicate the look of underwear without feeling like they are getting judged. I think its silly and there are double standards involved. Not that theres anything wrong with wearing underwear in public, its still a piece of clothing. I prefer wearing a tankini or a swimsuit. I don’t want to get involved in this bikini culture rubbish. @ucme you read my mind!

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Can a guy wear a bikini? Without being judged?

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^^^ In the U.S., no. In Europe, perhaps.

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^ Yeah, like that neon green Borat suit. My brother got it as a joke gift in the mail and he handed it down to me. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it.

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Put it on, take a picture and show us how it looks.

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@gailcalled There are three problems: I am female, I am quite petite, I don’t think it would fit. Those three things combined would make for an inappropriate picture on Fluther. lol. Maybe he passed it down to me because he thought I’d use it with one of my future boyfriends? Yuck. lol.

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