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Has your Fluther password ever been reset on you?

Asked by Breefield (2733points) June 29th, 2008

I didn’t request it to be, which scares me! Someone is trying to get into my account mayhaps?

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Never happened to me, but this Q makes me think iwamoto isn’t in your fluther?

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I just noticed this as well :/ odd

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They did it to me too. And that is actually good since I didn’t know my old one. My old one is still working in this session but I tried in Safari old my old one didn’t work.

It looks like buggy code. the email pointed me to the mobile site.

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Yeah, which concerned me because the mobile version of the site I use is not so I wasn’t sure if I had just given my password to phishers. Would be nice if Ben or Andrew let in some insight on this :D

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If you got to the normal fluther site then press the fluther logo it brings you to (while on an iPhone/ iPod). Its just a new URL for the same site.

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Might it have anything to do with MyFluther, as mentioned in the podcast? Maybe the certain people they are starting it with are being sent emails.

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I think someone might have put a def email_everyone_password(): into the code.

It just seems like a glitch in the code.

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I’ve never ever had anything like that happen nor any bad experience with Fluther. I can only sing it’s praises…

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[Fluther Moderator:] Don’t worry guys, is just a shortened version of the normal iPhone site URL. Things have been changing over the past few days, and there may have been a couple accounts issues. I’ll forward this complaint on and see if someone upstairs can shed some light on this.

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This was not a code issue, but a malicious user. We waited to chime in because we wanted to catch the user in the act (which we did!). Password resetting has been temporarily disabled while we make a more secure long-term fix.

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Wow. Good job in catching him/her. Now we are all saved!

I would’ve said it’s zack, but this is far too complex for the likes of him.

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It was Zack, it really wasnt very complex, all he had to do was hit the forgot password button and type in any username and the password would reset. At least, i think that was the conclusion everyone came to in the watering hole, a few nights ago…...right, ben?

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Oh, so it was just a nuisance, not someone trying to steal passwords. I had thought that it was some attempt to steal the users files. I guess it was just to annoy them.

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Typical Zack…....he must not have any friends to play with…...its kinda sad..

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Naaaa. Zack’s a cool kid. Everyone wants to be his friend. ~

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I couldnt agree more~

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