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How should i ask this girl out to roller skateing?

Asked by hunterdoss99 (23points) January 30th, 2014

well im 14 and there’s this new girl at my school and i kinda like her and i want to know how to ask her out to go roller skateing how should i approch this

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“Hi there, I was wondering if you’d fancy going roller skating with me.”

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and thank you @ucme

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Fancy, meaning like.

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Want to play with my hot wheels?

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“Do you like roller skating? I was wondering if you’d like to go with me sometime? Or would you like to…....(go to a movie, have a soda, etc.?” You don’t want her acceptance or rejection to hang on whether she likes roller skating.

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“Hi, my name is…...and I wad wondering if you would like to go rollerskating with me. Ill buy you lunch, dinner, breakfast or anything you like. You dont have to worry about transport. So are you interested?”

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