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What do people mean when they talk about "dating games"?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19064points) July 11th, 2010

I was raised on therapy lingo, so I have no idea what people mean when they say that they dumped someone because he/she “played games”. I’m assuming they don’t mean that their ex was really into Yahtzee!?

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Ask this guy.

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It means not being honest, and making the other person jump through hoops.

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It’s means stupid things like:

Having buddies call or text during a date so the other person thinks you’re some kind of in-demand player.

Telling your date how great you think they are and how much you want to see them again and then purposely not calling/ignoring them for a few days to build up their “want”.

Not being honest about dating others and making your date think they’re the only ones. It’s not cheating but it’s deceptive if the one person believes you want an exclusive relationship, all things working out considered.

Taking your date to places where you’ll be “seen” by an ex/exes/friends more than picking a place the date would enjoy.

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It usually means confused people that live in ambivilence land…think they want a relationship, not sure, maybe…on again/off again, crappy communication skills, mixed messages, flakey, inconsistant,...gah…the list goes on.

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It usually means someone is not getting their way and dishes out some bull shit to prove a point!

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Playing games in a relationship…is simply when someone manipulates, controls, lies and perhaps even cheats…and then tells you that it’s all your fault . Playing games in a relationship is when a person never lets you relax and enjoy the relationship because his/her main objective is to always keep you guessing…and this may entail sleeping with old girlfriends/boyfriends/prostitutes/the waitress at the Big Boy while professing their undying love for you or maybe just not showing up at the time they say they will or telling lots of little white lies to keep you confused. It’s all about power. They use whatever methods they can to never quite be available. Usually a game player is someone who has so much unresolved baggage from childhood that they would need a semi to move it around. And the reason that game players are toxic is that _they will never acknowledge or just don’t have the self-awareness (because they are too narcissistic usually) to even see the damage that they do. They are masters at the “blame game”’s always the other person. Being with a game player is at best exhausting…at worst, a toxic nightmare.

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Aaaack…I had almost forgotten my nightmare , thanks for that overview…whew…so glad I am single now!.....hahaha

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@Coloma,.....Well it’s a hell of a lot better being single…than being with a player! (Unfortunately for me, I speak out of experience!) Glad to help….:)

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someone not being up front and honest, with a hidden agenda.

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Basically any advice Cosmo or has ever given you. Especially this one:

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