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Android app that would block third party audio recording devices?

Asked by orlando (627points) January 31st, 2014

Is there an Android app out there that would jam/block third party recording devices (such as microphones, other phones, bugs, etc)?

I know there exists a device called Audio Recording Device Blocker which works by emitting a sub-audible tone which cannot be detected by the human ear but will end up drowning out any audio recordings when played back.

But I’m not aware of any Android apps with similar capabilities.

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The problem you have is that it is illegal.

The FCC has rules that radio waves cannot be blocked. Among other examples, police are not allowed to jam cellphone signals without a warrant and just cause.

And any wireless capability such as you describe would either use the cell signal, or bluetooth, which is also a radio transmission.

Bottom line, you might find some contraption, but you might also have a fine and jail time.

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