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What are the many benefits, to you, of living alone?

Asked by Aster (20023points) February 1st, 2014

Many people think that if we live alone we’re automatically dejected, depressed and just starved for company. I’ve only lived alone for a year and enjoyed it immensely except at Christmas when I felt very sorry for myself . Other than that, I had fun, possibly because I had just wrenched myself away from Satan, my former husband. What do or did you just love about living alone and do you actively seek a partner?

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I think most people whether introverted or not would love living alone. Most people crave any semblance of complete freedom and this is it. You can do anything you want without being judged, and you can do things like cleaning on your own time, no one to eat your food etc.

The majority can’t be those select few that are so clingy they need to be with someone all the time, right? I know some people are like that, but I can’t see most people turning down complete freedom.

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I think most people living alone spend a lot of time going to bars, joining dating services and gazing at attractive looking people . All one has to do is see all the type businesses on tv and hear about their “high rate of marriages” to know what lonely people do. Notice you are the only person answering and the , obviously, only reply giving high marks to the freedoms of living alone. Interesting.

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I felt very sorry for myself at Christmastime also. My family was away. I live with my teen aged son so I can certainly see the magic of living alone.

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I did it for about a decade and then lived with my wife for a little over a decade. I’m introverted as hell but I’m happier living with someone who respects my space and allows me my alone time. A couple of years is fine past that I tend to long for company.

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@Aster “I think most people living alone spend a lot of time going to bars, joining dating services and gazing at attractive looking people.”
What a lot of baloney!

Living alone is absolute bliss.

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Next year, make better plans for Christmas. Volunteer somewhere, for example, Find a group of Jewish friends and go out for Chinese food and the movies, because that’s what I think all Jews (except me) do on Dec. 25.

I love living alone, have been in one pub in 15 years, liked looking at attractive people when I was married and have not signed up for any dating sites.

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“Find a group of Jewish friends?” I’m married and am not Jewish.

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You can still have Jewish friends, can’t you?

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I think living alone is pure bliss. I cook what I want when I want to eat. I watch whatever I want on TV, I go on vacations when I want, I garden, I have pets, I clean my house when it suits me. When I don’t want to be alone, I have many friends I can hang out with, at least one of whom is always available for an impromptu dinner out or a movie, or even a short weekend trip to anywhere. This past Christmas found me visiting between the houses of three friends all of whom refused to take no for an answer when inviting me for the holiday. I was married for a lot of years before it occurred to me that he was an asshat, did not appreciate how well I treated him, nor did he appreciate the good person that I am. There are many things worse than living alone: living with someone just for the sake of having another body in the house tops that list for me.

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I have never lived alone in my life; can you imagine. I went from my family’s home (2 siblings and both parents), to sharing a house with friends during early college, to moving in with my boyfriend (to be husband), marrying said guy and living on a campus while having two kids.

I’m lonely enough as it is. I would rather be one of those mothers who live near their adult children.

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Believe it or not.. The freedom. The freedom of being myself instead of what others want me to be. The freedom of staying up all night and sleeping all day.. The freedom of eating junk food instead of tofu.. The freedom of both farting AND laughing about it..

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