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What are your favorite events in the Olympics?

Asked by thebeadholder (872points) June 29th, 2008

I am a huge Olympics fan. Since the summer ones are coming to China, I had to ask you all what you thought. I love gymnastics, swimming, soccer, track and field and basketball.

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hurdles ,long jump, pole vault, high jump.
(I like jumping)

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i enjoy watching swimming, gymnastics and ice skating. can’t wait for it to start!!!!

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Men’s rowing, sprints, swimming, sychronised diving (don’t ask me why) and gymnastics.

Rowing and swimming because I participate in those sports and the other three because they are fun to watch.

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Diving, gymnastics, swimming, track & field. I really like most of it except basketball, because I feel the U.S. NBA stars are ringers.

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Cycling, track & field, diving.

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Ice skating is not in the summer olympics.

My favorites are track & field, basketball, and cycling.

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@ beast – please re-read the question. what are your favorite events in the olympics?

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Yes, but he or she mentions the upcoming summer olympics in China. So I just assumed that’s what they were talking about.

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You know what they say when you assume things..


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edit :: decided to remove the personal attack.

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Was it necessary to point it out regardless? You just couldnt help yourself could you

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I did mention the summer Olympics but I did mean the Olympics in general. I kind of left it open to answer. So thank you, PnL. I enjoy ice skating, snowboarding, downhill and hockey during the winter.

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Oh boy, now I get to more. Figure skating, biathlon (such and odd combo!), cross-country skiing, ski jumping.

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Yes Marina, I love ski jumping also and moguls.

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TUMBLING, if uve never heard of it check it out this summer or on youtube. And mens rowing as well

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I like the Kayaking, they often don’t show it but it’s really cool to watch.

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Rowing rowing rowing!
Gymnastics is pretty fascinating
And yeah, the kayakings good too
Pole vaults exciting
and I enjoy a bit of long jump
Volleyball is alright
and I’ve got into sailing since the last Olympics but I’ll be looking out for it this year

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@shrubbery: Sailing will be good, provided you can see the boats through the sea of green algae!

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Damn it looks like someone built a floating golf course on the ocean, wow

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Equestrian and gymnastics

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