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If you were an Olympian, what event would you medal in?

Asked by jonsblond (43920points) March 11th, 2009 from iPhone

If you could be in the Olympics, what event would you excell at?

Summer or winter.

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Volleyball, sandlot.

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Bench pressing Milo.

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Crew, specifically 8 man sweep.

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An event that could never be televised.

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Yelling advice from the croud.

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Figure skating—Winter

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Sitting on the couch with a beer in one hand and the remote in the other, watching 3 shows and knowing what’s going on during each show.
I would be a GOLD medalist

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@Marina I’ve always fancied myself a swimmer. :)

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@AC: Remember the scene in “Bananas” where Felding Mellish’s and Nancy’s honeymoon is viewed and broadcast live by Howard Cosell.

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Pole Vault!

My god how I miss it!

Pole vaulter’s are great with their 16 footers!

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Badminton. Those 300 kilometer-per-hour smashes would be no match for my skill. Really, the only reason I haven’t gone and put those amateurs in their places is that I don’t want to humiliate them.

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Channel surfing.

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Summer olympics

I would be the 50 Free. My time is currently 23.54 and I am 13.

For those who don’t know

thats fucking fast

I have met michael phelps a few times, and a couple other olympians as a matter of fact.

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Shooting I guess.. Not that it is on an olympic skill of mine..

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@bluedoggiant – dude! That is 2 sec better than my best when I quit at 14. For those who don’t know, in that race that is for fricken ever. I will be watching for you. Of course, your a jelly fish so you have the aquatic advantage.

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Gymnastics and/or a figure skater. I have a background in dance, and I took gymnastics for about 4 years, so those would be a good fit.

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@Bri_L Why thank you! :) your tooo kind haha

Just FYI, this past weekend was Maryland State LSC Championships. I came out in 5th place, .05 away from 4th. I think the fastest was a 22.68

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@gailcalled…If I’m not mistaken, feline bench-pressing is only slightly less illegal than cock-fighting. huge in asia i hear

@AstroChuck…The 100 m Shit?

I, personally, would gold medal in mackin’.

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@bluedoggiant – if your like me your always hungry thinking “what if this” or “what if that on the turn” etc.

I am going to add the back stroke to my answer. That was my best. I wasn’t any good, but I loved it.

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I used to be great in backstroke. 1st place in all backstroke events… now the 50 free kinda just…took over… lol

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@bluedoggiant Sounds like we’ll be looking for you in 2012. :)

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Thank you for your enthusiasm haha. But I don’t think I’ll be there. The difference between being in the olympics can be a matter of .01. Thats how much I missed by state cut by when I use 10 years old. And right now, I am coming to the point where my times don’t drop by huge margins anymore, they drop slowly. But I REALLY would like to make trials in 2012, that would be fun.

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Jump rope. I can jump rope very well.

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I believe in you.


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@Blondesjon: Ok. What if Milo were to bench press me?

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Curling. Funny shit.

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@gailcalled…There are not a civilized people on this planet that would validate that type of abhorrent behavior.

ok…maybe the asians

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@essieness good one! :) lol

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@jonsblond and @Blondesjon So are you guys hanging out in your jammies dual-Fluthering or what?

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Reading. It’s what I do, man.

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@essieness New Olympic event for 2012, synchronized fluthering.

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Slug racing.

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@daloon – no offense buddy but I am pretty sure I could out run a slug to. You need to set the bar a little higher my friend.

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@essieness…We’re hanging out in my jammies.

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Um, @Bri_L the slugs race each other, and they also jump over jumps. Like horses. It’s not exactly equestrianism, but it is gliemizesianism, and it is a perfectly respectable sport! I’d like to see you try to get a slug to jump over a matchbox!

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@daloon – er…ummm….never mind. (said in best Gilda Radner impersonation)

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@bluedoggiant – My trainer is Harvey Dent.

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In the Winter Olympics, even though I don’t like cold weather all that much, I’d take the lazy approach and medal in something really exciting like Curling.

As far as the Summer Olympics, I could go for some beach volleyball or indoor volleyball.

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Long distance running, such as the Marathon. Maybe 3000m Steeplechase or something.

Of course I’d already have gold medals if “staying awake all night on fluther” or “eating pizza really fast” were sports. When I used to smoke I once won a competition for rolling a cigarette in less than a second.

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The dick-athalon.

thank you ladies and gentlemen, don’t forget to tip the waitstaff…

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RollerFucking. Apologies to George Carlin.

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