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Have you seen the movie Her?

Asked by Mandeblind (420points) February 2nd, 2014

I didn’t understand one part of it. The lead said that Olivia Wilde’s character was not sexy at all, that she had nothing sexy about her. I didn’t get why he said that because I thought she was an amazing girl. Can you help me out?

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I saw the movie Her and loved it. I find this question a bit odd, because we are all attracted to different things in a person, and we all define sexy differently. I for example didn’t find Olivia Wilde’s character all that memorable… I remember thinking she was perhaps overeager if anything. Basically he just wasn’t interested and maybe his budding relationship with his O.S. made him less interested in the aesthetic definition of sexy.

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She was a bit of a mental train-wreck. Along with everyone else in the movie.

The first half of the movie was great. The second half was me waiting for it to end.

I wanted them to jump off the roof at the end and live happily ever splatter.

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I think Wilde is an extremely sexy woman, especially those amazing eyes—but I didn’t find her character especially so in “Her.” As @Fluthyou says, and we all define (and perceive) sexy differently.

For me, the sexiest thing in the movie was Scarlett Johansson’s voice!

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I haven’t seen it as it looks boring to me, but Hollywood is known for taking a gorgeous actress, changing a thing or two about her, calling her ugly, and expecting the audience to fall for it. I call it She’s-All-That-itis. But like I said, I haven’t seen the movie. Maybe I should’ve this weekend, because Gravity ended up being boring as hell.

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It’s quite simple actually, he became, “over” humans and was more into the OS

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I saw it. It was terrible.

I almost feel like Olivia Wilde was thrown in so there would be another female in the movie.

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