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How cold is it at your house right now?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (15217points) February 5th, 2014

And I don’t mean inside, right now it’s -18c or 0f on our deck right now, so how cold is it at your house?

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But will have to say it’s bright and sunny not a cloud in the sky.

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70 degrees. Yesterday it was 48 and tomorrow will be 58. Stupid bipolar South Carolina weather…

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@livelaughlove21 must be nice,just glad it’s my day off, but I do have to brave it out tomorrow when I have to head back to work.

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Currently forecast a high of 19 today and a low of -8°f tonight, and I’m in the dead-center middle of the US Midwest. 13+” of snow yesterday, too. This is a mite ridiculous.

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@SQUEEKY2 No, not nice at all. It’s raining and muggy as hell. It feels gross out there. I’m glad to be stuck at the office, because I don’t want to be out there.

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A tropical 26˚ F with snow piling up over the 9” mark. I have already been plowed once @$60 and expect at least one more round before things end. Milo is wearing a fur coat over his fur coat and a teeny pair of very pointy ear muffs.

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@ibstubro Nice thing when it’s this freakin cold we don’t get snow,but when it warms up , then look out .

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Sunshine and frosty mornings, waiting on rain and snow for tomorrow, and the weekend. Daytime highs in the low 50’s right now. We are parched out west here, desperate for drought relief. I am taking advantage of todays sun to walk before, hopefully, some rain and snow.

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ducking first Um, er, it’s 80 degrees Fahrenheit right now. So sorry.

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@laurenkem guess you don’t have any worries about driving on ice and snow.

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Right now 38 but it’s 2pm. It was probably colder earlier since we had ice all over the trees.

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It’s probably around 30 or right around freezing. Snow and freezing rain stopped. There’s about
6–8 inches of snow on deck. It’s hard to tell because there was already a few inches from last snow two days ago.

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51 degrees in Central CA. Most of January was unseasonably warm. This is more like our usual winter weather – maybe a bit on the cool side.

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12 Noon – TV says 20, my thermometer says 26. Snowing lightly.

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HI @GoldieAV16 good to see ya!!

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44 degrees outside, a comfy 72 degrees inside.

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@Pachy I’d be sweating at 72 degrees inside. We keep ours between 67 and 69 year-round.

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17 outside and 69 inside.

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48* F at 3PM (forecast was 63* F, oh well)

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34 with a high of 40, very sunny but windy enough to feel freezing.

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We are having the craziest winter. It is so dry and void of snow that there are fire restrictions. Just a few days ago, there was a forest fire just 20 minutes walk from my home and we thought we might have to evacuate, the emergencies services got it under control in half an hour. This week, it has been above freezing and the last few days have seen highs around 8C. I live at latitude 63 degrees North. Things are very strange this year.

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It’s cold in the morning.
It’s cold in the evening.
It’s cold in the day with the sun shining bright.
If you were here with me
It’d solve all my problems
We’d sleep in all morning and heat up the night.

Where O’ where are you tonight?
Why did you leave me here all alone?
I searched the world over and thought I’d found true love
But you met another and Pfffft
You were gone!

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36 degrees F and raining.

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It is night time and 42F. It has been a very mild winter so far.

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54 farenheit at 1:32 pm PST

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Inside, 70F outside 7F.

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Overcast and 63 degrees out. Pretty decent for Phoenix in winter.

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25 degrees F, in Alaska. Warm and sunny :)

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I’m not at my house right now—but the app on my phone says it’s 0 F, feels like -11F.
Tonight overnight it’s going to get down to -20 F actual air-temp at my house.
(I’m in another city on a work trip..but will get home tomorrow in time to enjoy tomorrow’s high temp of 4 F.)

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It says 32º outside. I have my windows open so 32º inside too.

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Here, in Concord, it is 46º.
In Shingletown, it is 36º.

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It dropped down to 24º so I closed the windows. I’m still to poor to turn the heat on. It is cold but tolerable with enough layers.

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-26c here this morning with a stiff wind feels like -38c

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Light rain and about 40 degrees here.

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Yeah! @Coloma is finally getting her feathers wet!

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Not sure about my house but my office is colder than a witches tit in a brass bra.

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One above 0, the radio just said. And it’s freaking noon.

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Hey @ibstubro -25c here and it’s 10am

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Yes, @SQUEEKY2, but I live in a civilized country and you are a furiner.

I can’t sympathize with someone who voluntarily lives north of the United States!

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You call the states civilized?
You can keep it I will stick to the great white north.

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just yankin your chain, @SQUEEKY2. But if I move again, it will be souther

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Right now it’s 6C (43F) but it’s 8.30pm. It was a few degrees warmer during the day.

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Right now it’s -25c

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48 degrees and non-stop heavy rain for the last 24 hours now. My friends pond is FULL! Happy ducks and geese!

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