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What show(s) do you like to watch in the morning?

Asked by beast (1035points) June 29th, 2008 from iPhone

Talk shows? Sportscenter? Cartoons? What do you enjoy? Please provide the specific show name(s).

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None. I listen to NPR.

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Watching the tube before noon is worse than drinking before noon.

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When I get the chance, I like the news shows (like The Today Show and the like), The View and stupid court shows (like the People’s court). Since I only have basic cable (20 channels of nothing on TV) and kids, we usually watch PBS kids (if I am not entertaining them otherwise). I will say that I do enjoy Aurthur!!!!

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^That’s way too many likes and parenthesis!
See what too much TV will do to you??!!

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The Today Show and Fox and Friends.

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Since you told me you’re in an Italian class:

Io non guardano la televisione.

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I don’t like to watch commercials, so I just put the DVR on and start to watch my recorded programs…

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I ONLY do this if I’m working on a project with a deadline and my hands are working but my brain is bored and needs something I can mostly ignore while I work. A gap filler of sorts. I then watch court tv because nothing happens and it makes me feel educated (ironically)

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“I don’t look at (watch) television.”

How much Italian do you know?

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None; rarely watch any Tv these days except Masterpiece Theatre and PBS News.

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Just starting a 1001 class

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Morning tv stinks…then again just about any tv stinks right now. Most mornings I turn it on to whatever channel it’s already on while I check my email and such. I can’t wait for the fall and the return of my favorite shows.

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