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When you choose the food you are going to eat, do you make a conscientious decision to try to eat food that is good for you, as far as the vitamins it contains, fiber, etc.?

Asked by jca (35972points) February 6th, 2014

Do you conscientiously and usually (typically) choose to eat food that is low in sugar, fat, high in fiber, and good for you as far as the vitamins it contains? Or do you typically eat totally on a whim as far as eating whatever kind of food you feel like eating

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Most of the time yes, but I am a total foodie and it is easy to over eat if something is really good. I had shrimp with a little cocktail sauce, wasabi rice crackers and a big bowl of diced up fruits for dinner last night, blueberries, apple, orange and red grapes.

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Not really. I try to make a conscious choice to not eat things I know are unhealthy (fast food, baked goods, dairy, carbs, soda). I’m successful 70% of the time. That’s about as far as I go.

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I choose healthy food by general category, but not to specific vitamins. I don’t care about natural fats, because they are healthy (avocados, nuts, olive oil).

I don’t eat anything with more than a modicum of sugar, and I don’t eat grains except for the occasional low carb whole wheat tortilla. I only eat lean meat. And I avoid salt.

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Nope – I choose what appeals to me at the time and have a pretty good sense of what will satisfy me. Unfortunately, this is often sugar or carbs. I don’t eat nearly enough veggies and fruits. However, I have a very good sense of how much I can eat and not gain weight now and have very good control of that.

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I eat what I want. If I have a hunger for Chinese food, that’s what I get. If I want a burger, I do that.
That sounds pretty simple, but how often do you eat just because you’re hungry, without regard to what you will eat? Be in tune with what your body wants.

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@filmfann Sounds like we’re on the same page.

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I am and have always been aware of my choices of food to eat. I will sometimes indulge in a meal that is outside the parameters I follow usually when out at a restaurant. I am on a quest to lose weight to a level I have not been in 20 years so this will take pretty strict food choices. Choosing the right foods is only part of the equation and portion size and the method of preparing and cooking the food are equally as important in the dietary choices I make for every meal.

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I eat what I crave confined within a range of healthy food

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I don’t pay attention to vitamins at all. I take a multi-vitamin, and I’m doing good just to take that every day. When I’m paying attention to what I eat (read: Monday-Friday), I care more about calories than all the other stuff, but I do appreciate high fiber, low fat, low sodium, and high protein foods. I log my food on the MyFitnessPal app, so I do try to stay within range for all of these things. I don’t beat myself up if I don’t, though. Calories is what I worry about most.

You’ll never find me trying to decide which of two things to eat and then coming to the conclusion that I’m going to eat A over B because, though they contain the same amount of calories, A has more Vitamin C. No, if two things have the same calories for roughly the same amount of food, I’m going to choose based on which one tastes better.

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At the grocery store I try to buy food that is better for me. That way the good stuff is available in the house and the “bad” never makes it in the door.
Much as I’d like to, I do not take advantage of the half price chocolates left over from the previous holiday on sale at the grocery store register. If I bought it, I’d eat it, and I don’t need it. Leaving it on the shelf makes me a little proud. I feel like I beat them at their own game.
To get my vitamins I simply try to eat a mix of everything.

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Yes, I always try to take the healthy path. I’m constantly on the lookout for healthy food that tastes good and is convenient.

Recently I bought some yogurt that comes in plastic tubes and it’s handy because you can eat it anywhere. In the car, for instance. Kettle Brand Bakes potato chips are expensive, but great! Hard to tell they aren’t fried.

Maybe I should ask a Companion Question?

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I try, unless it is Mexican food in which case I gotta go with that artery clogging smothered burrito!

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I’ve been eating healthy for so long I actually struggle to keep my weight up. I have to go for the stuff that has more fat. And I eat lots of ice cream and stuff like that. But mostly I just listen to my body and let it guide me.

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If I’m going out to a restaurant, which is not very often, I probably don’t think about it as much, but as far as going to the grocery store, I’m all about healthy, nutrient dense foods.

I do eat more cheese than I should, however.

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I try to eat health stuff each day – Greek yogurt that I add chopped up walnuts to for protein.

I try to eat an orange, tangerine or apple each day.

If I ever eat a bagel, I try to eat one with sesame seeds, thinking that the seeds are a bit of fiber.

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This basically chooses what food I eat. I have an equation to maximize the most (good) calories for the best price. I am so indifferent to food that I consider it a luxury that I don’t have to be swayed by foods that may not be as healthy but “taste better”.

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I avoid sugary stuff, I don’t even like sweet food. I try to include vegetables as much as possible. But I still eat pizza and McDonalds sausage and egg breakfast muffins.

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^^ @downtide. The first, and so far only, time I got food poisoning was from an Egg McMuffin from a McDonald’s in Chicago. I prayed for death.

Now that I’m a vegetarian, though, I make my own Fake McMuffins at home with Morningstar Farms fake sausage, cheese, and a fried egg on and English muffin. Do they actually call These English muffins in England? Crumpets look similar, but they’re chewy rather than crispy.

I wonder if anybody has ever made an Egg McCrumpet? Hee Hee.

Speaking of English food (not regarding the healthiness of this item) after crooning about Doc Martin to my best friend, for months, she got me some British tasties for Christmas, including Digestive Biscuits. They are pure bliss. My mom is now hooked on them too.

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@Kardamom – Mine was an order of Mahi-Mahi from Red Lobster. If they didn’t have such good cheddar biscuits I would probably never have gone back.

But I did.

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@rojo If you ever feel like making those biscuits at home, here is a Recipe : )

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@Kardamom They don’t have English muffins in England. As you say, crumpets are different. and thanks for the biscuit recipe; I’ll try it.

@rojo I onoly go to Red Lobster because of the cheddar biscuits!

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Mmmm. Not really. Calorie content is more important to me. However, with that in mind (meaning low fat and low sugar) that leaves me mainly with healthy food to chose from.

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I LOVE MF fake sausage, @Kardamom. I’ve fed it to any number of people who did not know it was non-meat until I told them. A rare treat? MF sausage patties sandwich with American cheese, onions and mustard.

@rojo Did you know you can buy those biscuits in kit form at the grocery now?

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Yes. I don’t log what I eat, but I do think before buying stuff I know is bad. She said, eating a Cadbury Crunchie.

@Kardamom Do Americans get crumpets?

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Yes, but we take Midol for that @longgone.

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Glad you got it! I can be obscure sometimes. :)

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@janbb we absolutely do have English muffins in England, though we call them just “muffins”, and they’re not the same as crumpets.

This is a muffin

This is a crumpet

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Wait…a cumpet is just an English muffin split in half?

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Agree, @Dutchess_III. The pictures appear to be the same, @downtide, with Muffin being whole and Crumpet being half, buttered.

Was that intentional?

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@Dutchess_III and @ibstubro
Oh no. Muffins are nice…crumpets are bliss. They don’t taste alike at all.

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No -they are very different in texture and consistency.

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But very similar in appearance?

Odd, I guess I’ve never really given a lot of thought to what a crumpet is, and that’s not typical for me.

Then what’s this @downtide?

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@ibstubro Not even that similar. Crumpets have a flat bottom, and on the top, their holes are much more evenly spread. But the biggest difference is taste, yes.

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Right now I’m fighting a battle with that pecan pie my husband bought yesterday. Grrrrr!!!

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crumpets sweeter?

I have to admit that I was very disappointed when I finally got the try a scone.

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@ibstubro That is my idea of a muffin.

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Yes, that was my question for @downtide, @Dutchess_III. If an English Muffin is a muffin without the English there, what the heck is a muffin called?

Can’t decided who’s nuttier, @Dutchess_III? You or the pie?

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I fought the pie and the pie won. Sigh.

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@longgone Yes, we do have crumpets here, the same as you guys. I first had a crumpet in England and then sought them out here in the U.S. They look like what we call English muffins, but they’re softer and spongier, not crisp. Delicious. I like scones too.

If you guys don’t use the term English muffins for These, do you guys have a distinguishing name to clarify what we call Muffins or do you call those something else?

It would be funny to go to a restaurant with both Americans and Brits and have everybody ask for muffins and pudding to see what we ended up with : )

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I already linked the question to muffins, @Kardamom. and no one was listening. I hope you do better, and inquiring minds want to know.

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