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I saw that yesterday on FB. I’m surprised DMX would lower himself. I guess he needs the money.

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Make sure Zimmerman isn’t toting his weapon into the ring. DMX might be seen as attacking Zimmerman, and Zimmerman may feel the need to “stand his ground”

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The people promoting this——well what’s the point. Someone’s gonna make a pile of money off a man who is quite probably ALREADY brain damaged. It’s equivalent to a legal dogfight, and a slick and very lucrative way to cash in on a man who in a just society would be under mental care.

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“I am going to beat the living **** out him … I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I **** him right up,” DMX apparently said

DMX better make sure Zimmerman is not packing a gun in his shorts

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Please make this be true. I would pay to watch it. Go DMX

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It our fault as consumers that this idiocy happens. If you watch, you’re part of the problem.

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We had celebrity boxing over here a few years back, Ricky Gervais beat some posh tw@ who was only “famous” because he was married to Anthea Turner.

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@ucme We have those too. You should have seen the fright on Kim Kardashian’s face when she was against a real boxing lady…classic!

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@KNOWITALL Now that I would have paid to see.

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This reminds me of this thing…there’s a movie producer called Uwe Boll, who is reputed for making really shitty movies. As his movies are usually video game movies, obviously, you hear about this guy if you’re into video games. Everyone is always insulting this guy and talking shit about his movies. Everyone.
So a magazine I used to read called Electronic Gaming Monthly had one guy in the book who was called Seanbaby. That guy’s job was to review shitty video games, movies, and overall make fun of everything that sucked in the industry, including Uwe Boll.

Uwe Boll is more than conscious of what people say about him though, and he has taken it upon himself to publicly insult gamers who don’t like his work. One time, he made an offer to the world; whoever wanted to could challenge Uwe to a fist fight. He asked that any challenger sent him some details; weight, height, combat proficiency, blabla. Uwe is apparently a former boxer.

So now we return to Seanbaby, who accepted the challenge, and told about it in EGM. He’s also a Muay Thai kickboxer. He sent his information and details to Uwe, who accepted the fight, but he eventually chickened out. I think…I never actually followed up on this, and looking this up now, I can’t find anything about this actual fight having taken place.

But all that just to say, nope, you can’t make this shit up.

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