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Is there a site/service that will email me whan an rss feed changes?

Asked by Rotwang (296points) June 30th, 2008

I want a site where I give them a URL to an RSS feed, and their service monitors it every 5 minutes, and whenever something new is added, it send me an email.

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what kind of email system are we talking about? does it use a client or are you using web mail? how do you check the email?

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Like, you know, their server will keep repeatedly hitting the RSS url checking for changes. When the rss changes, it’ll email me the new/changed RSS item or something. I want something like that..

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sorry, I guess my question wasn’t clear. what kind of email do you use? do you use outlook or something like that to read your email? do you check your email on your phone or a computer?

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er ok, but does it matter? If there server sends me an email to the address I specify, then they don’t need to know how I check it.

I check with either thunderbird, squirrelmail (webmail), or pine.

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the reason i ask is that some clients will read feeds for you and it will show up like an email. but, if you are using a bunch of different methods to check it, then that won’t work

ccatron's avatar scroll down to the section labeled “Email Based Aggregators”

I’m trying the one called BlogAlert on a trash email account and it doesn’t seem to have a way to unsubscribe…but I haven’t received an email from it yet.

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I use Google Alerts, it covers everything for me. It wont work if you will only use RSS, but you can input a term and it will let you know through Email if a new blog or article has come up.

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