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What do you like about the USDA food Pyramid?

Asked by WarmFuzzies23 (142points) February 11th, 2014

It seems that most everyone has an opinion about the food Pyramid. We talk about it being incorrect or out dated yet we still abide by it to feed our children in schools, base out nutritional requirements on it in hospitals and nursing homes.

I would like to know why people still use it and what they like about it.

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Almost nothing.

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Is this the food pyramid that includes oils and fats on the top, and list pizza as a healthy dinner because of the tomato paste, bread and dairy (cheese)?

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I suppose the assumption, gauging from our obesity problem, is that Americans don’t know how or what to eat. So the government is tasked with building a chart, and since a lot of money is to be made or lost depending on the judgements rendered by the groupings, there is intense political pressure from the industries involved that sugar, fat and every chemical and additive to be found in an up to date weapons lab is in no way shaded as detrimental to the health of anyone concerned. The resulting pyramid is as benign and useless as one might expect.

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Well, the pyramid is the same basic shape as most Americans. Nothing on top, and fat down below.

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I actually like the four food groups better, although I would want to tweak that too. I also think the current labelling for nutritional information on packaged foods is horrible. Percentages and serving sizes that are so small no one eats that way. Americans aren’t great with math, that label needs to make more sense to a 5th grader.

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I think that meat should be further towards the bottom.

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@dxs More meat? Are you being serious?

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How about eating based on your blood type,I’d say there are valid reasons why someone would have a need for meat in their diet.

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Nothing. It gives the false impression if you eat what is there you are eating healthy and does little to address food portion size and combinations.

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I like anything that reinforces the notion that bureaucrats are morons.

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@JLeslie Oops. Thank you for pointing that out. But I do know a lot of people who eat much more than just 3 servings of meat. I try to get a lot of protein in my diet, too.

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The food pyramid doesn’t exist anymore. It has been replaced with a plate. Notably, it no longer includes fats or oils.

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@PhiNotPi Interesting. I never saw that before. I guess the dairy lobby is really big and powerful to still give them a separate category. That looks more like the 4 food groups, which I do think it better than the pyramid as a mentioned above. At least it gives a visual of what your plate should look like.

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How many People do you know, are aware that the Plate is meant to replace the pyramid? It is all still built to create the illusion that the government has our best interest at heart. All the while promoting what industry our money is funneled. The pyramid still exists unfortunately for far to many.So your saying your ok with Pizza as a good food group?

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@JLeslie proteins are important, there are many ways to consume them with out animal protein.

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A pyramid made of food? My gosh, what’s not to love about that?

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