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Anyone know a good place on the IL side of the IL/WI border to meet?

Asked by kulfi (23points) June 30th, 2008

I’m coming from Chicago and meeting someone just on the IL side of the IL/WI border. Know any cool, quiet place to meet someone for a drink and/or lunch?

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I’ve never been to this place, but it’s in Winthrop Harbor, within spitting distance of the border and just east of 94, right on the lakefront. Looks nice (there are lots of pics on the website). The food reviews I’ve found are mixed, but no one faults the ambiance.

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This is probably an hour out of your way, but it will be worth your while. We recently stayed in Galena, IL for vacation. They have plenty of nice cafes and a fantastic main street. I’d also check out Dubuque, Iowa. There are plenty of good places downtown to eat. And shoot, you can even make it a day trip and visit The Field of Dreams: link

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gurnee mills about a quarter mile from six flags great america. lots of shopping, hotels and restaurants.

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There is a cool little restaurant at Illinois State Beach Park in Zion that we used to go to. It’s very peaceful and right on the beach and water. On a nice day you can sit outside and sun. Look here

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@wcheney Galena is on the West side of IL, Chicago is on the East side, a distance of about 200 miles. I live about 60 miles south of Galena. As for Dubuque, there is the Mississippi River museum that is well worth the drive and the admission price. I’m going back up there this year, because that is the best museum on this side of the state.

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