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How's the traffic around Milwaukee, WI lately? And, can you answer some other WI questions for me?

Asked by JLeslie (60473points) August 12th, 2012

Last year when I was driving through Milwaukee the interstate was very slow due to construction. Is there still a lot of construction going on?

Also, I am thinking about going to Kohler and Sheboygan. Kohler to do the factory tour, has any jelly out there done it? My only hesitation is it says it takes three hours which seems long to me. Is the factory in the same building as the decorated rooms on display?

About Sheboygan, I am confused about where the shopping and restaurants are. I want to go to the beach, is there some sort of boardwalk and shops along the shore? Or, is that all over on 8th street? Can I park in one place and walk it all? What restaurant do you recommend for lunch?

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I don’t know if it’ll be helpful anymore, since you asked so long ago, but I want to help out an orphaned question. As a Wisconsinite from the area, here’s what I know. First of all, there is ALWAYS construction somewhere. I can’t say if the specific section you were on is, because I live further north, but usually construction finishes before it starts snowing.

I went through the Kohler tour a few years ago. I would recommend it. The buildings and area are so beautiful!

In Sheboygan, the downtown area is where all the shops and restaurants are. My favorite is Il Ritrovo, a pizza place. (By the way, I ignored the beach question since it’s November now.) If you decide to visit the area soon, I hope this helps.

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Thanks! We did go to Kohler and I thoug it was great. We had a very nice lunch in Sheboygan on a beautiful sunny day on the water. The traffic wasn’t terrible, we made sure we didn’t travel during rush hour.

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