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Which comedians do you find are funny without being anti-social?

Asked by flo (10479points) February 13th, 2014

Anti-social meaning for example, glamorizing drug use, here Bill Maher making it appear a funny matter, and thereby creating the demand. And going against the fact that putting harmful substances into your body is dumb anyway.
So, it wouldn’t be Bill Maher for eg. or Denis Miller, just to mention two comedians.

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Jimmy fucking Carr.

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Bill Maher.

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@ragingloli what makes him not anti-social? I’m not familiar with him.

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@glacial Bill Maher is anti-social.

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Weird al Yankovich.

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I don’t think Bill Maher particularly glamourizes drug use. He takes drugs, and is not secretive about it. I’m sure he couldn’t care less whether anyone else took them.

I also disagree that “glamourizing drug use” is a measure of whether a person is anti-social. Your question makes no sense to me.

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Maybe the word is sociopath not anti-social.

-And the sky is not blue.
-And deterrring people from using substances (including marijuana) is what makes a person anti-social.
-And you’re supposed to teach your children how to possibly end up dead, of course, or be a drig dealer…....I can see what you mean now, I don’t know where my head was.

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@flo I have no idea what you are talking about.

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@talljasperman I have never heard anything sociopathic from him. He practices Do no harm?

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Hmmm, how about Jimmy Fallon?

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@flo You seem to have a resentment against Bill Maher this week, but I would argue he is pro social. He’s opposed to right wing corporatists and self righteous religionists who hide behind intellectually weak beliefs.

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Eddie Izzard.

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Jimmy Fallon. I am looking forward to his new role.

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I’m guessing @flo understands neither the term antisocial nor sociopath.

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Comedy is subjective.

Therefore all opinions posted here are too.

Not that I’m justifying Maher’s existence in any way.

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I guess you could count Sinbad, but he is TERRIBLE and not funny at all. I think if someone describes your standup routine as honest, clean and gentle—you should notice that they don’t say funny.

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Thanks to all who actually answered the question.

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Bill Cosby

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I just googled it there is so many more the list is long. Bill Engvall, Jim Gaffigan, Ellen Degenerous, Jerry Seinfeld, ....

I don’t know John Hodgman, I know little of Frank Caliendo but they are is supposed to be among them.

And those are just the ones from this decade or two!

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Jennifer Saunders

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