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What brand of ice cream do you get at Red Lobster?

Asked by Aster (18142points) February 14th, 2014

I was hoping somebody would know. Best ice cream, plain vanilla too, I’ve ever had. Period.

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I don’t know the answer, but if you’re ever in Harrisonburg,VA (it’s right off of I-81) you should stop at Klines. It is by far the best ice cream I’ve ever had (made fresh daily). Nothing else has ever come close.

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I’m going to google it. I hate Red Lobster so I am never there, but I’ll take your word for it. I assume you didn’t google it?

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I don’t know how anyone gets to dessert in that restaurant. Between the biscuits and huge amount of fat in their entrees I am stuffed when I eat there, which is very rare.

Hopefully, a jelly used to work there and can tell you. I would just call up and ask. Depending on who you hit they might or might not tell you. Otherwise, you can stalk them and wait for the delivery truck to see if you catch them unloading the ice cream. It is possible it varies ariund the country also. Depending on local distributors. I don’t think I have ever seen a Red Lobster truck, so I am guessing they get deliveries from local distributors, but I know very little about the restaruant biz, so that is just a guess.

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I will never see a delivery truck there. It is in a shopping center 12 miles away.
I highly doubt they[d tell me the brand and I’d feel embarrassed.
I often take home half the dinner but the dessert is easy to get down.

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@Aster Why would they not tell you? Besides, they don’t know who you are, why be embarrassed?

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Maybe try going on their website to customer service.

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@XOIIO one reason I think they wouldn’t tell me is an experience I had with this Chinese guy many years ago. They had a small bottle of fantastic soy sauce on each table and I wanted to buy it. It’s hard to believe anyone could be this CHEAP, but I called to ask what brand it was (I now know it was Kikkoman). This guy kept me on the phone rifling through a booklet or papers AS IF he were looking for the brand. He wouldn’t speak. He just kept going through these papers until I was so embarrassed and uncomfortable I said, “never mind” and he readily said, “ok; goodbye.” He actually thought if he told me what brand it was I wouldn’t bother to return to his restaurant which was packed to capacity five days a week.

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@Aster A restaurant isn’t a store. You can’t just wander in and ask to buy their stuff (unless they already offer to sell it). I’m sure, however, you could ask them what brand of ice cream they use. Just don’t ask to buy a gallon of it.

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@Aster Yeah, some restaurants are really paranoid to give away their secrets. When I move to TN I called a restaurant chain in FL to see if I could get the recipe for my favorite cake. I didn’t even live in the state anymore. No dice.

I was in Stowe, Vermont at an Italian restaurant and after the meal I saw a man near the kitchen who looked like he would be the owner. I went up to him and asked if he was the owner. He answered, “yes,” a little wary, like what complaint is he going to here. I said, “you have the best meatballs I have ever had.” There was a pause, and the he lit up and grabbed my hand with both his hands and said with a smile, “thank you! I take beef and veal and the trick is I broil them under the fire first before I add them to the sauce.” I didn’t even expect him to tell me his tricks, I hadn’t asked, just wanted to give him the compliment. You never know. Now I make my meatballs that way, sans the veal, I don’t eat veal (even though I did that night, I didn’t know the meatballs had veal in them) and the clean up is better. I line a pan with aluminum foil, broil the meatballs and then add them to whatever sauce or sometimes no sauce.

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Well after contacting Red Lobster I will confirm that they will not tell you the brand. They consider it proprietary and will thank you for your interest but will not reveal the brand. Maybe try calling your local branch and see if they give you a different answer.

If you do find out please post here because I love the stuff as well.

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