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Have you ever known, or seen anyone, with such striking features that you had to look twice?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36384points) February 20th, 2014

I’m not referring to general beauty, which comes with symmetry, but particular features. Like, Angelina Joline and her lips. Farrah and her smile. Johnny Depp and his eyes—they’re just mesmerizing (You ever notice that in many of his movies he wears glasses or heavy make up around his eyes? I don’t think it’s show case them. I think it’s to distract from them.) Then there is Liz Taylor and her unusual violet eyes. I mean, she’s totally beautiful all over, but her eyes take it to a whole new level.

Two of my grand kids have unusual eyes. This one , four months old, is a mix of Native American, Caucasian and Indonesian. She looks like a beautiful papoose. She has that lovely tilt to her eyes that Indians and Indonesians have, but her eyes are blue! :) I can see her, darkly tanned in summer, long,black, straight hair…and blue eyes. Won’t that be striking?

This grandkid has laser blue eyes. I have never seen such blue, blue eyes. They’ll be show stoppers when she grows up. Hell, they’re show stoppers now! (Her twin brother has black eyes. You can’t see his pupils.)

So do you know of anyone with any unique, striking features?

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“I’m not referring to general beauty, which comes with symmetry, but particular features.”

Like a woman with nice pear shaped curves, or beautiful long illustrious hair? Or even nice sexy legs? Oh you bet cha I have!

Oh yes curly hair is awesome too!

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I have a grand daughter who has masses of curly hair. It’s so luxurious and thick….This pic was taken several years ago. It’s half way down her back now. I always want to grab it when she goes by. Some times I do!

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Oh…speaking of, @KNOWITALL has startlingly beautiful blue eyes!

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Oh yeah, not very often though. Native American men and women are gorgeous with the high cheekbones and darker skin, and I find some Asian men & women very attractive as well. In fact, my first boyfriend was Vietnamese and truly beautiful.

This site shows some:

@Dutchess Your babies are gorgeous, I love your grandsons eyes!!!
Oh thanks, my eyes are the only good thing my daddy ever gave me. :)

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Yes, and it was an interesting experience, because before I met and came to know the woman, it would never have occurred to me that being strikingly beautiful might be accompanied by a bag of problems.

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@stanleybmanly LOL, you must know my Sis n law, gorgeous is pretty much her only redeeming quality unfortunately.

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My ex, the kid’s dad, was 1/8th Indo. And my Mom was what was termed in Holland as “Black Dutch.” It’s when the typical, blue eyed, blond haired native Dutch started intermingling with Indonesian traders who came to the Island. My son’s wife has Cherokee somewhere back there. So, we got it goin’ on!

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@KNOWITALL It must be damaging to live in a world where your looks are ( for all practical matters) all you need. How do you know who likes you for YOU? Men, vulnerable, lined up up like dominoes, tripping over each other to make fools of themselves. Celebrity status (minus the financial rewards). I mean, how do you not develop a manipulative personality when it’s SO easy ?

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I had men lining up. I didn’t develop a manipulative personality, just a discriminating one. Having very good looks does not preclude morality or brains.

OH! And my daughter’s other son’s father is of Mexican descent. All we need is a black someone to kick in and we’ll be perfect!

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Absolutely. Sometimes I can’t help staring.

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I once saw this lady with a very “striking nose”. The best way to explain it was that it was similar to the nose of a proboscis monkey. I then saw another guy with the exact nose, and then I realized they were related.

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I react that way to so many people from Ethiopia. There’s a huge Ethiopian community around Washington, DC, and I encounter some of its members every day and wherever I go. The “type” is tall, slender, fine-featured, and with a gorgeous complexion. Whether the person’s male or female, I often find myself staring. It’s not a sexual thing at all; it’s similar to admiring a fine work of art.

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Yes. About a month ago, I saw a beautiful woman with the most beautiful eyes. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her eyes. She noticed, but I didn’t stare. I think she either gets that a lot or she (hopefully) didn’t mind my long looks. (She didn’t seem offended.)

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I imagine she’s used to it @kritiper.

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French actress Béatrice Dalle has a nice big slit between her front teeth. I always thought that was so cool, probably due to my own buck teeth and the need to have some relation somewhere.

I’ve never actually met her though, but she’s still my favorite actress ever.

In my actual first hand account life though, seeing weird features on people have stopped me and made me steer my eyes in their direction, but it wasn’t for anything very pretty. Once I saw a poor old man, and one of his arms was as thin as a branch and his hand was really small, like a baby’s hand. It was very disturbing, he was sitting outside a hospital. I felt so bad for staring, but he had his head bowed, and never saw me, at least I don’t think he did.
This other time while waiting for a cab at the gas station, this woman walked into the store, and her lower jaw was all malformed, and sticking out. I’m not trying to be mean, but the only way I can describe her lower jaw is that it looked like a hamburger bun. I wonder just what the hell happened to her, or what was it that she was born with. Real life sucks a lot. I’m not 100% happy with my body, but it’s normal and works fine, so after seeing those people, I’m not bitching.

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I have, and I couldn’t help staring. I saw a little girl about 4 or 5 who had bobbed dark hair, (Louise Brooks-esque) and she was just so perfectly featured. I stared and stared. I walked past her and smiled when she looked at me. I turned to stare some more and she turned and smiled again at me. I then got embarrassed and stopped staring! But I didn’t want to.

It was a very strange experience and I have thought about it a lot trying to work out why she had that effect. I felt that I kept looking at her almost as if I was looking for an imperfection and kept staring because I didn’t find one. I wondered if we see someone or something that is beautiful we might look until we find a flaw then are finished with it? Which could explain why we like looking at beautiful things and feel less inclined to look at plain or ugly things?

Another effect I have noticed is that if I am watching a live performance, there is often someone that catches my eye and I can’t take my eyes off them. It’s like they are shining much brighter than the other performers.

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@stanleybmanly I know but at some point, surely you realize you aren’t a very good person for manipulating others to their detriment. My sis-n-law has always been beautiful (I went to school with her since jr high) and she did get everything she wanted, new cars, money, men, etc…
And now my bro-n-law and his kids pay the emotional price for her vanity and self-absorption, it’s really very sad because she is capable of good, I’ve seen it, it’s just not as important as her own desires for more men and more money.

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