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Is it just me or waitresses usually have really nice butts?

Asked by Mr_Saturn512 (558points) February 24th, 2014

I mean any given waitress/hostess anywhere (in the world probably too) in any restaurant, although especially chain restaurants.

I don’t know if it’s the uniform they have to wear that makes their butt more shapely – still, it just hit me the other day at a semi-fancy restaurant. Is it just the uniform or is there actually some slight bias restaurants have when employing waitresses? Haven’t you ever thought about that or noticed it?

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It’s just you

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It’s you.

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Personally I prefer their baps.

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It’s just you.

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It’s just you.

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It’s just you.

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Maybe you have a ‘women in uniform’ fetish?

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Wait, I’ve noticed a bit of what you’re saying in chain restaurants, at least.

Has anyone been to the restaurant “The Continental”? Everyone’s got a nice butt there. . .

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It’s you, There are just as many fat assed men and women in the restaurant business as in the general population.

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I’m not willing to say “It’s just you.” I think a study is in order.
There could actually be a reason for it. Servers are on their feet and are much more active than someone sitting at their desk (or on the couch) all day. A good waitress/hostess needs to be in reasonably good shape to keep up with the demands of a busy restaurant.

When I’m south of the Mason-Dixon line I like when the waitresses at Waffle House call me “Hon”.

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In more upscale eateries they usually try to make sure the host that greets you is shapely. It’s not just you. 3:00am at the awful house is a different story.

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I think it’s more that you’re sitting, they’re standing and walking toward and away from you with their arses at your eye level.

You probably just have a thing for arses in general, and arses withing eyeshot especially.

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I don’t know. The last time I did any research on this, I got a sharp pain in my neck, from my wife’s trying to spin my head like a top.

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It’s just you. You should probably pay more attention to the menu.

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As @LuckyGuy said, as a server you’re on your feet all day walking/running a lot. When I used to serve tables I would walk on average 3 – 5.5 miles in a 5 hour shift, depending on how busy it was.

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Curious: Do you find waiters have the same quality of assets as their female counterparts?

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Define nice butt. : )

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Of COURSE you are correct. As previously pointed out, there is a lot of walkng involved. Women pay bunches and bunches of bucks to get a tight, round gluteous maximus, and they don’t work it near like a waitress. They never get a chance to sit on that butt and flatten it out. They move and move, and often carrying heavy loads. Of course they have firm, round, bouncy-not-jiggly butts Tip for their good service, and patience with your wolfish stares, not their fabulous butts.

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Generally, the higher the food is priced, the better looking the servers. At a high end restaurant the tips are good and there’s a lot more competition for the jobs and incentive to put your best foot forward.

Visit 3 greasy-spoon joints in a day, and report back on the physiques you encounter.

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Too many jellies have already said it’s you, so I’m going to say it’s the waitresses.

Seriously, I don’t understand what you’re getting at.

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It’s mostly you.

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Well, I don’t know anything at all about your ass, so how would I know if it’s “just you” or not?

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I think its true. Keep in mind anyone whose job involves being in the public, especially where tips or income in some way are based on sex appeal, are going to do everything they can to look as good as they can.

From a survival of the fittest point of view, the waitress with the best but is going to get the best tips.

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Malarky, @NanoNano.

So you’re saying that a waiter that stuffs an extra pair of tennis socks in his pants is necessarily going to get…er…bigger tips?

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Sure, why not?

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@ibstubro – People check out butts. Fewer people check out moose knuckle.

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Plus, waitress pants are designed specifically to check out buts. Smooth, seamless, skin tight.

Don’t tell me they don’t like us looking as they walk away. Its the girlfriends and wives that don’t like us looking.

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“Moose knuckle??” @Seek_Kolinahr? New to me and funny.

I tend to disagree that more people check out the back than the front. Likely less people discuss the front.

Possibly when looking at the front, they are seeking out the face/recognition.

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@ibstubro I can’t say I have ever though to my self “man that chick has some nice camel toe”

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WTF is camel toe??

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Whoa, google images for that one.

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Camel toe: Silhouette of labia, usually as pressed against too-tight fabric.

Moose knuckle: Silhouette of male genitalia, usually as pressed against too-tight fabric.

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I don’t know why this 2 year old Q just popped up in my feed but I do learn something every day.
I thought about answering and was just about to write: “You have to be in pretty good shape with good posture to walk miles every day carrying trays of food.” Then I saw my previous answer.
I think in general you are correct. If you had to bet, the smart money would be on fewer overweight, out-of-shape individuals and more in-shape, fit servers.

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