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Is your job making you feel "sick"?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20164points) February 25th, 2014

You do it well because you respect it, your boss and what it stands for. You carry on because it’s just how you make a living, you give of your best but somehow it has you feeling sick. Psychologically, physically, you come out a wreck! Do/did you ever feel like that? I know for most there isn’t much choice, you just go on doing what you can, but have you ever felt that way?

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Yes totally. I was in a job for over ten years like that. I tried to find things that I did like in the job. I also tried to make it fun. In the end though I burned out and had a breakdown. Sometimes I think you have to settle for less to make a bit more of your life. Or study and change your career no matter your age.

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My job will probably end up killing me as I work with chemicals 5 days a week. Yes I do take precautions and have all the appropriate PPE’s. But I also have other dynamics that could exemplify what you are asking here. I the stress of not only owning the company, but I have to patronize a very high maintenance, narcissistic, passive-aggressive lender…employee drama, inbound/outbound freight delays. If I did not practices proactive strategies that allow me to survive this daily endurance race, this job too would make me sick. So I make sure I get rest, eat right, exercise everyday and do things everyday that I find happiness of come form. That was the stress and BS of the day rolls right off me like water off a ducks back. If didn’t do these things to keep me mentally strong, it would be like playing tackle football without pads.

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Nope. I’ve hated jobs before, but nothing like what you described. If I felt that way about my job, I’d do whatever I could to get the hell out.

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Yup. I figure once I start feeling I want a Xanax it is time to leave. I’m not going to take the drug I am going to remove the source of the stress.

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Certain aspects of my job, make me sick,uncaring co-workers,bad weather,equipment break downs, but for the job it self I like the job.

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Yes. I spent 6 years working, very hard, at a dreadful place. I had a number of reasons why I couldn’t quit and move on (I eventually did so, but I had to wait for the right time). Every, single day that I spent in that hellhole, I literally felt sick to my stomach.

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Sure, I’ve felt that way but it passes. I’ve found that work life moves in phases, some days good, some bad. I try to leave it at the door of the workplace and enjoy life.

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I’ve felt rather dejected at work the last several months because of questionable activities going on there. Not really making me “sick” but definitely affecting my mood. As some jellies know, I’m in the military and we have our fair share of obstacles and other problems in the workplace like many do in the civilian sector.

Lately, where I’m at, there has been higher ranking people playing a lot of politics in the squadron and a few questionable promotions have been granted to some who haven’t earned them. I’ve seen several good friends, and some subordinates, being passed over for deserving career opportunities and it’s sad.

It also seems like the communication pipeline between the leadership (them) and the worker bees (us) has begun to deteriorate and this is detrimental to the work environment also and hurts everyone. Hopefully they will call a supervisor’s meeting soon so that we can fix some problems.

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@Bluefreedom With the military cutbacks, aren’t you all going to be cut loose? They said they’re keeping special forces but reducing troops dramatically.

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@KNOWITALL. The Secretary of the Air Force announced late last year that they would be forecasting troop reductions of 25,000 members over the next 3 to 5 years. Luckily I’m in what is called ‘sanctuary’ meaning I’m within 24 months of my retirement window and I can’t be touched. Needless to say, many of my fellow squadron members are nervous and unsure about their futures and my heart goes out to them because several of them have a lot of years invested in their careers.

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