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Can I create my own stickers for cassettes or should I go to a company that does this?

Asked by pleiades (6584points) February 25th, 2014

I saw this image of a cassette with roses and I thought to myself, I’d love to create a tape label with all sorts of images. Any way I could do this on my own?

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You can probably buy sheets of the blank stickers on ebay or somewhere and print on them.

I bet we are all wondering though, why cassettes?

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The fine folks at Avery make printable labels for just about everything including (amazingly) cassettes

No time machine necessary.

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You can do it yourself. Avery makes the labels you need.

They make everything!

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Have not seen one of those in a while. That just brought back a flood of adolescent memories.

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Cassettes? Really? Do cassette players still exist? Avery has CD and DVD labels. I don’t know if they would have cassette labels.

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Why not??? Its pretty easy to do so and you can put your own creativity into it rather than let someone else do it. If you buy labels that are pre-cut usually there is a way to put the label style into something like word and print it out without too much trouble. I do this with my To and From christmas labels.

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